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APT Private Tours is the go-to website for anyone that want to private tour Israel like never before, by a professional Israeli tour guide.

For a third of humanity, Israel is literally holy land, and Jerusalem marks its sacred center. For Christians, this where Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected. For Muslims, this is where Muhammad journeyed to Heaven. And for Jews, this is where the Temple of Solomon stood. Israel is the crossroads of three great religions. The Holy Land has been coveted and fought over for centuries. Israel is filled with a fascinating range of sights. Jerusalem with its dazzling Dome of the Rock is alive with religious passion. Christian, Muslim, and Jewish. And Cosmopolitan Tel Aviv its in-love-with-life Med Sea Beaches. Visitors ponder the fortress of Masada. Christian pilgrims are spiritually refreshed at the biblical sights around the Sea of Galilee. And everybody can bob like corks in the super salty Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth. Israel is the size of New Jersey with over 8 million people. While the State of Israel was founded after WWII the Jewish people have a history here going back 4,000 years. Within a two hours drive from Jerusalem, you can take a drive to Masada, to its tumultuous past back-and-forth past.


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What is the best time to visit Israel? Well, the answer is more complicated than you think. If you just want to enjoy the beach and get some sea and sun in Tel Aviv so I guess coming between June through October is ideal. But remember it will get hot! But if you want to tour Israel comfortably and not suffer under the scorching desert sun so I would consider coming around February and March. Yes, you are taking the risk of getting some rainy days but the odds are in your favor usually. In other words, the chance it would actually rain is not high. And even if it will rain usually after a short time it stops as nothing happened. And the sun is out again.


Visiting Israel for the first time might be a little overwhelming. This is especially true if you are coming from Northern America or Europe because what can we do Israeli mentality is very different from European or Northern American social norms. I guess you might stop to think about those little things that are necessary to make sure you’ll have a great time. For example, how will I order a burger? Do they accept American Money? Will I get internet access? So I came up with a list of things tourists can expect when visiting the Holy Land.

The Market is the equivalent of your local mall. It’s super fun to walk and explore it! Also, there is no need to learn Hebrew. The average Israeli knows good enough English to give you directions. So it’s super easy to get around for those who speak English! Tipping in Israel is well appreciated and usually varies from 10% – 15%. You can get Wi-Fi all over the country and is free in Tel Aviv around the city. And remember Israelis speak loud and aggressively, try to enjoy the interaction.

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