Ultimate Sea of Galilee Guide

A Sea of Galilee Guide! All the essentials and things to do. Including where to eat and the best sites to explore in the area.

The Ultimate Guide For Touring Jerusalem in a Day

Since I’ve been giving private tours of Jerusalem for over 15 years, I’ve decided to compile this cool itinerary for you to explore Jerusalem. If you’re on a rigid schedule...

Egyptian Execration Texts

Execration texts are ancient Egyptian hieratic texts, the listing of enemies of the Pharaoh. Often enemies of the Egyptian state.

I’m looking for:

Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon

Highest Mountain in Israel

Mount Hermon is called by the 'Eyes of the State.' It's the highest mountain in Israel, with unique Fauna and Flora. Click here for more!
Mount Carmel

Carmel Mountain Range

Exploring the Holy Land

Mount Carmel is a coastal mountain range in northern Israel stretching from the Mediterranean Sea. No doubt one of the nicest areas in Israel.
Negev World Desert Strip

The Negev - And the World Desert Strip

The Geography of Israel

Did you know that the Negev Desert  is a part of the world desert strip? But how exactly so in this post I will try to explain it all!
Great Rift Valley

Great Rift Valley

The Geology of Israel

The Great Rift Valley (Syrian African Rift) is an amazing geological phenomenon you can see when touring Israel especially the Dead Sea Area.
Judaean Desert A 'Rain Shadow' Desert

The Judaean Desert

A 'Rain Shadow' Desert

The Judaean Desert is a 'Rain Shadow' Desert. But what exactly is a rain shadow desert? Well, all the answers are in this post!



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