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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions! Whether it’s “How do you choose your tour guides?” or “Since when you’re giving guided tours of Israel” — it’s all here! Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on new posts, free guides, and the latest recommendations. Happy exploring!

General Israel FAQS

To tour Israel comfortably, coming in April till early May is ideal. From mid-May, it’s getting hot here. During July-August, the temperature is reaching 40°C (100°F). However, it’s a little bit cooler and drier at places in higher elevations like in Jerusalem. On the other hand, the holidays fall in April, like Passover and Easter so it will be crowded. So like everything in life, it’s a trade-off. Also, bear in mind that in April or in September/October, prices in the tourism industry, like hotels, are higher. we’ve put together this article to help you decide when is best to visit Israel.

You will be surprised, but per capita, Israel is safer than the United States. Even with all the wars and all Israel has had since 1948, it’s safer than the U.S. Our guests taking private tours always tell me how peaceful this land is to them. This article might convince you How Safe Israel Is.

We’ve compiled the Ultimate Packing Guide for you when visiting Israel.

Driving in Israel requires an international driver’s license. You must be over 21 years of age have a valid international driver’s license, and an international credit card. We would recommend you read my article about Driving In Israel.

The Jewish day of rest (the Sabbath) starts from Friday evening (from sundown) till Saturday evening (sundown). Tel Aviv which is a very secular city, things like restaurants and movie theaters are open on sabbath although malls and markets shut down. Jerusalem is very religious by nature and things shut down apart from a few restaurants (that are not kosher) and one movie theater that is open. The Old City (apart from the Jewish quarter is open like a regular day).

English is officially taught at a very young age (3rd grade). In general, you can say that Israel is a very Westernized, even an Americanized society. So in the big cities like Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, people speak decent enough English, but if you go to remote villages, it might be a little tricky, but still, people would love to help you.

If you are into snorkeling or Scuba Diving, Eilat is the place for you! There are many options, from beginner levels to pros. You can take a PADI course or rent a snorkel and explore independently. We invite you to read my Article about Diving in Eilat.

Israel is a very good location to use as a base to tour some famous sites in the Middle East. Whether it’s on an overnight stay Touring Egypt from Israel. Like the Pyramids, one of the ancient seven wonders of the world, that is still standing. Or a quick drive to the border, Touring Petra from Israel (Jordan’s best-known tourist attraction).

So, camels are easier to spot down south while Touring the Negev area. But also, when going to the Dead Sea, there are some spots for a quick photo on top of a camel. Check out the post about the Best Spots for a Photo on Top of a Camel.

Israel, in general, has about 300 sunny days. The rainy season starts around the end of November into December. There are, for sure, some places that are pretty cold in the winter, like Jerusalem (2,400 ft above sea level) or the Golan Heights (6,000 ft above sea level). But actually, the winter season here is not so bad. And when there isn’t a storm, the winter is quite comfortable to tour the country, especially towards the end of winter, meaning late Feb/early March. Just let’s hope you’ll be lucky and not hit any showers. You can read the guide When is Best Time to Tour Israel.

Not exactly. There are small parties in local hotels and pubs that cater to tourists but if you want a real Christmas Festivity in Israel, Nazareth could be a good option or even consider going all the way to Bethlehem (Palestine). Click on the link About Tours to Palestine for more information.

Yes, we do! There are actually two celebrations: One, at the end of the Jewish New Year. Usually, it’s around Sep according to the Jewish Calendar. And of course the other is on New Year’s Eve, you can find some Great Parties in Tel Aviv on New Year’s Eve!

75% of Israel’s tap water is desalinated and safe to drink, so yes, you can drink the tap water. But you will also find mineral water everywhere. It is important to ensure you drink a lot, especially when walking and on hot days.

Depending on where you are located, Tel Aviv has many options, and we’ve compiled here our Top Recommendations Where to Eat In Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is not a vast culinary scene like Tel Aviv, but still, there are delicious food options in Jerusalem. You can read the post about The Best Restaurants In Jerusalem.

Very Easy! Every guest can reach our Israeli number by WhatsApp or Facetime 24/7. APT’s guests are our top priority, and we will do our best to answer the phone immediately. My mobile phone number is:


It’s always better to send us an email to:

[email protected]

It all depends on where you are from and what passport you hold. You Should check my guide about Israeli Visa Requirements.

So this really depends on which Arab country you want to travel to. Some will turn a blind eye at the border and let you pass, some will NOT let you enter the country. For more information read my Full Guide about this subject.

Israel generally does not have an issue with travelers visiting Arab states before arriving at the Holy Land. however, depending on your travel history and the passport you are holding you might expect some extra grilling at border control. I invite you to go over my Full Guide about the matter.

Simple as pie!  There are car rental agencies already waiting for you at the Air-Port. For more information feel free to go over my Car Rental Tips & Recommendations Guide.

Israeli appliances run on 220 volts AC, single phase, 50 Hertz. European two-pronged plugs would work with the Israeli three-pronged sockets that are installed in most places as a standard. Small appliances may need adapters and/or converter that is wise to purchase prior to your departure.

For sure! Just don’t shave a couple of hours before since the skin might be a little sensitive after shaving or waxing and you are good to go. jewelry made from silver or gold should be stored somewhere safe since metal might change color due to the sulfur inside the Dead Sea. Ideally, you need to go in and lay on your back and relax. Getting a newspaper before entering would be great then you could take an iconic picture of you floating in the Dead Sea and reading a newspaper. You can read my guide about Top Things to See & Do in The Dead Sea Area.

According to the Israeli Meteorological Service, the highest temperature ever measured in Israel was in June 1942 in Kibbutz Tirat Zvi. The Kibbutz is located in the Jezreel Valley area, its below Sea Level and for sure this one of the hottest places you can visit In Israel. But let’s face it Israel in the summer is grilling hot! Places like the Dead Sea Area and Eilat Are considered to be extremely hard to bear in the summer.

Israel if compared to the neighboring countries like Jordan, Egypt, and such is surprisingly expensive. Tel-Aviv each year is ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world but still, you can find some good deals and bargains you just need to know where to look. Check out my guide Best Ways to Travel Israel on a Budget. But don’t expect to tour Israel on a budget of 10$ a day.

  • POLICE: 100
  • AMBULANCE: 101

The fact that Israel has 4 different Seas (Med, Red, and the Dead Sea, and the Sea of Galilee) means there are lots of nice beaches to visit. The Dead Sea has some around Hotel Strip and around the Sea of Galilee, there are some on the Eastside. Naturally, Tel-Aviv’s Beaches have some great options as well next to the Med Sea. Check out my guide about Israel’s Best Beaches to Visit.

Yes, you can! The western wall is open to anyone who would like to visit the holy site. Head covering or a scarf for women is provided at the site. For more information about What Makes the Western Wall So Holy? You are more than welcome to read my post about it!

VAT (Value Added Tax) is added on most of Israeli items and merchandise. The current VAT is 17% and tourists can claim it back upon departure. A tourist is someone who has been granted an Entry VIsa B2, B3, or B4. Goods purchased as aforesaid must be taken out of the State of Israel.

Prior to check-in, you need to present the formal documents and the purchased goods (in-hand) at the VAT refund counter located in the Departure Hall at Terminal 3 OR Terminal 1. Purchases must be more than 400 New Israeli Shekels and have been made in a business that actually participates in this refund. Simply having the receipt of an item is not enough, you’ll need to receive from the store the original copy of the government approved invoice/receipt form for the item purchased.

Israel is a modern, developed country with levels of health and hygiene equal to those of Western countries. Visitors entering Israel are not required to undergo vaccinations prior to their arrival. For more information at the Israel Ministry of Health web-page.

Most businesses in Israel accept major credit cards such as Visa/MasterCard/American Express. There are also lots of Bank Front ATMs if needed and money exchange services in all major cities like Jerusalem/Tel-Aviv.

Traveling and relocating worldwide with pets require operating under strict rules and regulations enforced by both countries of departure and destination. Rules and regulations are frequently added or updated. Under the directives for Personal Import of domestic animals as prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, it states:

  • Personal import of animals to Israel is possible only through authorized terminals:  Ben-Gurion Airport, The port of Haifa, Port of Ashdod and Eilat Port.
  • Each animal entering Israel must have a certificate from a government veterinarian in the country of departure signed no more than 10 days before arrival to Israel.
  • Cats and dogs must be above the age of 4 months, immunized and with a chip in frequency 134.2 K”H which can be scanned according to the international standards (ISO).
  • Breeds that are considered dangerous according to the law regarding animal control of 2002 cannot be imported.
  • The import of dogs and cats to Israel requires an import license which is waived for personal import of one or two dogs and the filing of a signed testimony that the dogs have been in the possession of the owner for a period no less than 90 days before arrival in Israel.
  • For more information on this matter please go to this official webpage of the Ministry of Agriculture in Israel.

Tour Related FAQS

There are awesome books that we think you might find interesting as a part of your preparation to visit Israel. For archaeology fans, we recommend trying to get the ‘Jerusalem Atlas’ by Dan Bahat. A very detailed and interesting book gives a good background about Jerusalem from an archaeological standpoint! If you are interested, we’ve compiled the Complete Reading List For Visiting Israel. This list is not just a reading but also online courses and some exciting documentaries that recommend you to see if you are interested in broadening your horizons about this fascinating country.

Tough question. Well, it depends on what is your prime interest. But in the end, We would recommend Jerusalem to anyone who hasn’t been there yet. For more information, please read the post about Things To Do in Jerusalem If You Have Only 24h.

Passage to Bethlehem and Jericho’s two major tourist cities under the Palestinian Authority is generally direct and without prior clearance or required authorization. Regarding the rest of the Palestinian areas, there is also direct tourist access. Israeli nationals must receive approval and clearance from Israeli security forces. While travel between the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority and Israel is freely available, tourists are advised to pay attention to limitations in car insurance coverage and health insurance. These vary according to company and contracts.

The tours that we offer are private tours so APT’s guests get to decide when a tour starts. With that said, there are some considerations we need to bring under account like the opening and closing hours of national parks; Local sites; and Markets that can close up early.

Usually, tours start from 07:00-09:00 at the latest and end 9 hours later. In any case, when the sun sets that means our day has ended and we will start heading back.

Once booked the tours are penciled in. We can try our very best we can to accommodate and change the dates if possible.

In any case, we strongly recommend our clients book the tours after you are 100% sure about the dates you want to tour.

Our tours are primarily conducted in English, but we also offer guides fluent in other languages, such as Spanish, French, German, Russian, and more. Contact us in advance to inquire about language availability for your preferred tour.

Booking a tour is easy! Send us an email with some background like the size of the group, your prime interest, the different ages of the participants, and any other info you might think is relevant and we will get back to you within a few hours.

The tours are private and custom-made according to the client’s wishes. APT’s daily rate depends on the group size, type of vehicle, the time of year (high vs. low season), ‘all inclusive’ or not, and other factors like my booking capacity, type of tour, etc. The daily rate is 1,500 USD and another 100 USD for every extra participant.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today and send me all the information about your group, and I’ll quote you accordingly.

An entire day tour is 9 hours long. You’ll be promptly picked up at your hotel or Airbnb, and about 9 hours later, You’ll dropped back at your desired location. We recommend you review APT’s terms and conditions for more information on that matter.

Payment and Refund Policy is as follows:

A deposit of 25% once the contract is signed.
A second payment of 25% ninety days before the first tour.
A third payment of 25% 60 days before the first tour.
A last and final payment of 25% one month before the first tour.

Refund Policy:

APT Private Tours does not offer refunds after payments are made. We recommend you purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance should cover personal injury, emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation coverage, trip cancellation and interruption, and baggage loss. You are strongly recommended to extend your coverage, including cancellation, curtailment, and all other expenses that may arise due to loss, damage, injury, delay, or inconvenience while traveling. Insurance coverage is not included in the cost of any tour offered by APT, and you are required to obtain separate coverage at an additional cost.

7-9 days is a fair amount of time to cover most of the land without feeling pressured on time. Add the flights, and it’s a total of 7-11 days. You can go over my Christian 7 days Holy Land Itinerary.

Should I Get Travel Insurance?

Trip insurance is critical to protect your investment. You never know what is going to happen.

In General, we can accommodate any group. The type of vehicle depends on specific parameters like the group size and their wishes. For small groups like couples or parents with a couple of young children.

For larger groups or guests that would like a V.I.P. service, we use a Mercedes V class 8 seater (that can include a chauffeur).

For even larger groups, there’s our fleet of  Mercedes Sprinters (including a chauffeur). In general, we can accommodate any type/size of the group. I’ll need to know about it ASAP!

It’s recommended to book your tour as early as possible to secure your preferred dates and availability, especially during peak travel seasons. However, we do our best to accommodate last-minute bookings whenever feasible.

Yes, all our tours are led by experienced and knowledgeable local guides who provide insights into each destination’s history, culture, and traditions. They enhance your experience with their expertise and personal anecdotes.

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