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Christian Holy Land Four Day Tour

Welcome to the Holy Land! “The Land of Milk & Honey” (Exodus 3:8). In this Christian Holy Land four day tour we would explore the very essentials of Israel. In our journey through the Land, renowned biblical accounts will come alive! We’ll learn all about the famous miracles of Jesus. we will visit ancient towns and villages like Capernaum that Jesus visited during his missionary around the Sea of Galilee. And above all a visit to Holy Jerusalem.

Tour Details

Day 1


We'll start our first day from the top of Mt. Olives with a magnificent view of the Holy City. After Some exploring of key sites like Gethsemane and the Church of the Agony, we will make our way to the Old City via the route of Palm Sunday. We'll visit Dominus Flevit where according to tradition Jesus Wept for the Destruction of Jerusalem as he prophesied in Luke 13. Then prepared to be amazed while we would tour old town Jerusalem. We'll tour ancient sites and get a feel of the real feel of the orient. Last will be a short stop at Mt. Zion where traditionally the 'Upper Room' is located and where Jesus had the last supper.


Day 2


On our second day, we would explore Modern Jerusalem. First, a stop at the Israel Museum where we will visit the Shrine of the Book where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls are kept today. Then we shall visit the local Food Market (Mahane Yehuda), and grab some delicious Hummus! Later we shall go and visit Ein Kerem, a beautiful Jerusalemite neighborhood, where according to Christian tradition, John the Baptist was born and where Mary met Elizabeth her cousin (Luke 1). If you wish and time permits we can visit the Holocaust Museum - Yad Vashem.


Day 3


Today we'll go exploring the Judaean Desert and what is the lowest point on the planet - the Dead Sea! We'll start by taking a cool but short camel ride at sea level on our way down to the Dead Sea. Then we would make a quick run to Ein Gedi to get a glimpse of this natural oasis in the middle of the desert. And before dipping in the Dead Sea, we'll tour Masada, the last Jewish fort that held bravely before the Romans took over and crushed the Great Jewish Revolt!




Our fourth and final day holds great and thrilling experiences! We will start by visiting ancient Nazareth, going right to the Church of the Annunciation. Then on our way to the Sea of Galilee, we'll drive via the Village of Cana. And our second part of the day would be getting to know the Sea of Galilee, stopping in places like Capernaum and Mount of Beatitudes.


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