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This post is about my best tour of Tel Jericho. But Before talking about Tel Jericho let’s and understand why makes this tel so important. So to start with the tell was inhabited from the 10th millennium BCE, and has been called “the oldest town in the world”. Now with many significant archaeological finds; the site is also notable for its role in the history of Levantine archaeology. In modern times the first to discover the site was Charles Warren in 1868.

Tel Jericho site is a symbol of Biblical Archaeology; stemming from the place of Jericho in the Conquest Narrative of the Book of Joshua. Moreover, Jericho is a living monument of modern archaeology. Since it was the place where Kathleen Kenyon systematically experimented with the excavation method based on stratigraphy. When we will tour along with the site you will see her long and deep trenches cutting deep into the history of humankind. 

On my best tour of Tel Jericho, you will see two important finds first the famous wall of Jericho and the other is the Tower of Jericho. The last is among the earliest stone monuments of humanity. Furthermore, the Wall of Jericho was discovered by John Garstang during the excavations of 1930 to 1936, which he suggested were those described in the Book of Joshua in the Bible and dated to around 1400 BCE.

Rehab and the Spies in the Bible

But it was the archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon who excavated the site in the 1950s that provided evidence that both constructions dated much earlier, to the Neolithic, which is the latest part of the Stone Age and were part of an early proto-city. The tower highlights the importance of Jericho for the understanding of settlement patterns in the Levant.


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