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Best Wine Tour in Israel

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Viticulture, or grape growing, has had a place in Israeli society since the time of the bible. Ancient trading routes from Mesopotamia and Egypt brought knowledge of winemaking; where it quickly became integrated with society. In fact, for hundreds of years; the people of Israel grew flavorful grapes and cultivated a vast wealth of expertise on how to create the perfect Kosher wine. You will hear all about that and more in the best wine tour in Israel! 

Moreover, during Ottoman rule, Muslim law prevented all citizens from manufacturing wine; unless it was a “house-wine” used during religious ceremonies. But when Ottoman rule finally ended, the winemaking began anew! So my wine tour in Israel will take you to three magnificent wineries to sample the delicious fruits of Israel’s homeland. Moreover, the vineyards’ proximity makes for an excellent day trip that will leave you smiling and happy at the end of the day! 

Join Me for the Best Wine Tour in Israel!

In fact, much of Israel, given its position in the Mediterranean, is ideal for producing wine. The long, hot, and dry summers combined with short, wet winters provide a picturesque location perfect for grape growing.  Each location produces a unique wine that demonstrates the flavor of its environment. As of 2018, Israel exported over $50m of wine worldwide, with over half being sent to North America, a third being sent to Western Europe. The rest were distributed to other various countries.

Most of Israel’s vineyards reside in one of five locations: Galilee, the Judean Hills; Shomron; the Negev, and the Sharon plain. I believe that Israel’s best wine tours are located within the Judean Hills at my three favorites wineries: Sphera Winery, Clos de Gat Vineyards, and Tzora Vineyards

Tabor Winery 

Clos de Gat is perched within the Judean Mountains foothills, pressed against the biblical Ayalon Valley where Joshua defeated the Five Kings. Clos de Gat is well known for its fermentation process, which relies on the vineyard’s natural yeasts to create its complex flavor. Close by is the boutique Sphera Winery, famous for its delightful white wines.

Having studied under winemaking masters in France, the owner of Sphera focuses on creating harmony within the wine that balances nature, technology, and artistry. Lastly, the Tzora Vineyards are overflowing with wine and the love for it. The small team that runs the Tzora Vineyards is passionate about producing a wine that rings true to the history and nature of the Judean Hills.


Hi! My name is Arik, an Israeli native who dedicated his life to sharing my passion for the Holy Land with those interested in knowing more about this incredible piece of land. I’m the Chief Guide at ‘APT Private Tours in Israel’.

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