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Fun Things to Do in Israel With Kids

the fun, adventurous and extreme

There are many fun things to do in Israel with kids! So here is my shortlist of the best family-friendly attractions in Israel. By the way, you won’t be surprised that Israel is a family-oriented country; as a result, there are many attractions meant for the entire crew. For example fun, national parks and cool museums meant for kids, and much more, so let’s start exploring!


Israel has some amazing beaches, I guess it’s got to do with the fact that Israel has four different seas! One of the strips is located in Tel Aviv. The city has it all, white sandy beaches next to nice restaurants. One of the beaches worth checking out is Hilton Beach where you can also take private lessons and learn how to surf. Your kids gonna love it! You can read also my post about the Best Beaches in Tel Aviv for more options.

Fun Things to Do in Israel With Kids: U – Pick Fruit Farms

Nothing quite compares to that zesty burst of flavor that you get from luscious strawberries, juicy raspberries, tart cherries, succulent peaches, earthy greens, and crisp apples, especially when you pick them yourself. So let’s go and enjoy some cool Fruit Farms located all over Israel. One that I recommend is Ktofoti located in the Jezreel Valley. On these farms, you can come and pick all year round, according to the season. And they have pick-your-own strawberries, blueberries, thornless blackberries, and more! Some of these farms were established even before the State of Israel was formed, well I guess that’s not too long ago right? But some really go way back to the times the very first Jewish settlers came to the Promised Land!

Another great pick fruit farm not so far from Tel Aviv is Halbrecht Food garden. It’s a family-owned farm that was established in 2014 on a 25-year-old family-owned clementine orchard, of about 9 acres. The initiative to found the farm was born out of a desire to utilize the family resources and to make the land viable in accordance with its agricultural purpose. Their vision is to expose and educate children and adults about the food we eat, about healthy and fresh nutrition, energy-saving, and environmental protection. They want to encourage the community to grow vegetables using natural methods in their home garden or balcony.

Camel Rides in Israel

I guess when you’re touring Israel with your family you cant avoid a nice camel ride right? I mean this is one of the very first things that pop up to mind when you imagine Israel. So there various options to go for a nice Camel Ride in Israel. One option is going all the way down to the Negev Desert and visit Negev Camel Ranch! They really have the best camel rides in Israel and turn your camel ride into a one in a life time experience!

Naama Farm in the Negev

Nama Farm was established in 1976 by the Adiri family between Nahal Patish and Nahal Gerar. The farm is engaged in raising sheep, as well as in the farm there are crops, an olive grove and includes accommodation, a caravan park, camping and a complex for social events. Visitors have access to tidy sleeping areas, a dining room and an equipped kitchen, a shower and toilet area, fire and barbecue areas, and a living area. Everything you need for a sweet and pampering campsite that will still give you a sense of nature. Visitors to the place have the option of guided tours of the sheepfold that include milking and active participation like feeding young lambs from milk bottles. The whole place is built for maximum comfort of the visitors and is accessible to people with disabilities.

Ramat Gan Safari Park, Tel Aviv

Are you ready for some fun?! The Safari in Ramat Gan is the place! Officially the safari is the largest collection of wildlife in human care in the Middle East. Furthermore, it has a 250-acre site that consists of both a drive-through African safari area and a modern outdoor zoo.

Moreover, Ramat Gan Safari houses 83 species of mammals, 92 species of birds, and 23 species of reptiles. Among other outstanding groups of animals, it has white rhinos, hippos, lions, African and Asian elephants, gorillas, orangutans, and a Komodo dragon. The animals are seen in open-air enclosures amid subtropical gardens.

It has more than 700,000 visitors annually from all social and ethnic groups of Israel as well as tourists from abroad.

Fun Things to Do in Israel With Kids: Sandboarding

Sandboarding in Israel is a super fun activity with your little ones! And let’s admit it, for you as well. But for that you’ll need to go all the way down to the Negev Desert. Now the Negev is mostly rocky still you can find some spots that has nice and soft sand dunes to go wild there. So enjoy! This activity is suitable for all ages, as for kids and adults, with toboggan-like boards available for kids, and proper sandboards for adults, this is a great experience for all ages.

The Children’s Museum, Holon

The Israeli Children’s Museum is an educational-cultural institution providing unique learning experiences which are one of a kind in Israel. The museum offers visitors a variety of activities that share the common feature of adventures that incorporate emotional intelligence, education for tolerance, and acceptance of the other. All activities are guided and require pre-booking. Here is a link to their website! The Children’s Museum is about creating tolerance and dialogue among all of Israel’s children.

The use of adventures and exhibitions which are an experience rather than a static space is what makes the difference for all visitors, not just those under 12. The visit to the Israeli Children’s Museum in Holon is an unforgettable experience and is designed to take the visitors on a fascinating adventure through the world of imagination and communication. The Israeli Children’s Museum has set as a goal to promote tolerance, respectful dialogue, and non-violent communication between all Israeli children of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Their respect for one another is the very heart of our future relations as a nation.

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