Tel Aviv Port

Shopping in Tel Aviv

Shopping in Tel Aviv is always a fun thing to do! One of my favorite places as a private tour guide in Israel to take my guests to do some shopping in the big city is the Port of Tel Aviv. Today Tel Aviv Port is a commercial and entertainment district in northwest Tel Aviv, Israel along the Mediterranean Sea. You have here lots of stores and international brands. Castro; Adidas; Mango; Zara next to fabulous restaurants, just nearby like Fu Sushi!

After the War of Independence; the port operated on a partial basis and was finally closed down on October 25, 1965. When its operations moved to the newly-built Ashdod Port. After that followed a period of decay, and by the end of the century, the area was used by day as a low-key shopping place for tiles and plumbing supplies, while at night it attracted prostitutes and drug addicts.

Tel Aviv Port: ‘Namal Tel Aviv’ Entertainment Area

But a change came after completely overhauling the infrastructure by 2002; the administration attracted shop owners to move to the upgraded area by charging token rents. And by 2008 the new boardwalk in wavy shapes evocative of the sand dunes that once stood at this place was opened to the public. As a result of the transformation, the Tel Aviv Port, known in short as the Namal, has become the most popular attraction in Tel Aviv with 4.3 million visitors annually. In 2011, it was announced that the site would be developed to become a major tourist site with recreational and cultural venues similar to Times Square in New York.

Before Shopping in Tel Aviv, Some Historical Background

In the wake of the general strike of the Arabs of Mandatory Palestine at the outbreak of their 1936–39 revolt; an alternative was needed for Jaffa Port; In order to save the Orchard Industry in the Jewish Yishuv. The new Tel Aviv port was opened on a small scale in 1936; and was finally completed and inaugurated at its current size on February 23, 1938. The port remained fully operational for less than two years.

The outbreak of the Second World War put an end to its civilian use; as the British Navy took over the facilities. After the end of the war in Europe, an attempt to reactivate the port remained unsuccessful due to the lack of shipping at the time. During the civil war between Jews and Arabs from November 1947 and until Israel’s declaration of independence in May 1948. As well as in the ensuing international war in 1948; the Jewish; then Israeli forces imported a substantial amount of equipment and weapons via the Tel Aviv port.

So friends enjoy your shopping in Tel Aviv, especially in the Port area which is an amazing place to do it!


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