The Blind Museum, Holon

Located in Tel Aviv’s sister city of Holon is a unique museum called the Blind Museum. It’s a unique museum unlike any you have ever encountered. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be blind? What would the world around you be like without the use of your sight? What would you hear, smell, taste, and touch? So Dr. Andreas Heinecke from Germany pondered this question in the 1980s. In fact, he worked at a German radio station where he was inspired by a friend who had lost his eyesight to develop the first reintegration training for blind people.

For years, Heinecke created innovative technology for the blind; and then he came up with Dialogue in the Dark. Quickly this idea spread quickly across the globe and became wildly popular in many museums. Now, the Israel Children’s Museum, also known as The Blind Museum due to its Dialogue in the Dark Exhibit, brings to life experience for visitors. 

The Blind Museum Highlight: the Dialogue in the Dark Exhibit

The Dialogue in the Dark tour takes place in utter darkness and is guided by blind guides. So this unconventional exhibit lets seeing people immerse themselves in their other senses to better understand what it is like to be without sight. Moreover, the tour is designed to demonstrate that being blind does not mean that the world is limited; it is simply different. This fascinating tour takes people on a journey and teaches them critical social lessons; including disability awareness and tolerance. Based on the success of Dialogue in the Dark; the Children’s Museum also offers a workshop in the dark for team building and other similar experiences called Invitation to Silence, where visitors experience what it is like to be deaf. 

More Things to Do in Holon 

The Children’s Museum (the blind museum) features other exhibits beyond the Dialogue in the Dark. There are various activities for children as young as two years old to the whole family to explore and enjoy. The most recent interactive and experiential activities have included following the butterflies, playing along with the Beatles, and being kidnapped by aliens! Throughout your time at the museum, you will engage and learn from each exhibit in a creative and memorable fashion. After touring the Children’s Museum, there is more to explore in Holon. You can also visit the Design Museum Holon, the Holon Cactus Park, and the Holon Story Gardens with my tour. I want you to get the best experience of Holon so that you can create fantastic memories that will last a lifetime. 


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