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So where can you enjoy some Bedouin Hospitality in Israel? so before plunging into the subject I would like to say a few words about them! The Bedouin are nomadic Arab tribes who have historically inhabited the desert regions. Even though today you can find them in areas like the Negev Desert; the Arabian Peninsula is the historic and original homeland of the Bedouin Arabs. In fact, the English word bedouin comes from the Arabic badawī, which means “desert dweller”. Furthermore, they are traditionally divided into tribes, and historically share a common culture of herding camels and goats. Last, the vast majority of Bedouins adhere to Sunni Islam.

Bedouin Hospitality in Israel

So if you want to experience Bedouin hospitality usually it will include certain things. For example, I guess you must have a nice camel ride; savoring some delicious Bedouin food! And last if you want you should consider staying overnight in a traditional Bedouin tent. The Negev Bedouin are super friendly and always like to accept guests!

They trace their heritage back to the traders on the ancient Spice Route which crossed the region. Today, fewer and fewer Bedouins in Israel continue to live in traditional ways. So that is why I think you should take a moment and experience and understand their way of life.

Camel Riding and Bedouin Hospitality

The camel is adjusted to the harsh desert climate. In fact, till today the camel is used by the Bedouins for many different purposes. The camel’s body is adapted to the desert conditions with its high legs and the fur that covers it. Moreover, the camel’s high legs keep it away from the hot ground on hot summer days. Sometimes there is a difference of 20 ° C between the ground temperature and the air temperature at a height of one meter above the ground.

Between the camel’s fur hairs is trapped air used as an insulating material. Thus the fur reduces the heat transfer between the warm environment and the camel’s body and actually insulates the camel’s body from the ambient heat. These properties help the camel to keep its body from overheating; thus reducing the need for sweat secretion, for this reason, they also save water on the camel’s body. In certain spots in Israel, you can experience a short camel ride. For example on top of Mt. of Olives or on the way to the Dead Sea. But also in places that offer the full Bedouin Experience like in Kfar Hanokdim including an overnight epxirnece.


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