Timna Park

A Geological Wonder!

Just 25 kilometers north of Eilat is the amazing Timna Park. Fifteen thousand acres of land perched in a charming valley with surrounding steep cliffs may not seem like something to put at the top of your bucket list; but this park certainly is a must-see adventure. You could easily spend multiple days exploring all that Timna Park has to offer, from its tranquil lake to the ancient copper mines to the geological wonders. Given the park’s sheer size, it is highly recommended that you either travel by car or on an organized tour. By taking a private tour with me; you will have the opportunity to witness the best parts of the park with ease and convenience. 

More About Timna Park

Timna Park features a wealth of natural landmarks that surprise and delight visitors of all ages. The 40-meter-high stone pillars, known as Solomon’s Pillars; are one of the most famous attractions. The red sandstone has been formed by wind and erosion so perfectly that they almost don’t look natural. If you are feeling hungry, you can head over to the “Mushroom.” No, you can’t eat it! It is yet another incredible formation that looks surprising like a mushroom, even though it stands much taller than a man. Of course, the arches, rock carvings, and lake deserve exploration as well. Children, in particular, love the activities available to them at the lake, from paddle boats to camel rides to the stamping of copper “King Solomon Coins.”

Park Timna - HaPitriya
In This Photo: Timna Park – The Mushroom

The other main attraction of Timna Park is the ancient copper mines. Can you believe that it was the world’s first-ever copper mine? The area is rich in copper ore and has been mined since the time of King Solomon himself. During ancient imperial Egypt times, you can see remnants in Timna Park of the ancient smelting furnaces, the use of copper was vital.

Timna Park - Klippe
In This Photo: A Geological Feature in Timna Park – A Klippe

It was frequently used for work tools; household items, weapons, ornaments; cultic objects, and more. Mining back then certainly wasn’t what it is like today, and you can learn about the process as you explore the mines! There is even a hike that can take you on a further exploration of the mines. Please note that this hike does involve the use of ladders; so if you or a travel companion has difficulty ascending or descending ladders, you may want to choose an alternative method to explore the mines.  


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