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Cool Things to Do in the Negev

Exploring the Holy Land

So this post is about cool things to do in the Negev after you’ve seen and done it all. First is Ein Habsor spring. Ein Habsor Spring, located in the Eshkol National Park in the western Negev, is one of several springs flowing from the Nahal Bsor section in the Tze’elim area, but unlike most of them, its spring does not stop in summer and remains stable even during a severe drought. In the Habsor National Park, which is about 3,000 dunams in size, there are many lawns, trees, and shrubs, and they are all irrigated with spring water. On-site are several paddling pools as well as picnic and BBQ corners and bike lanes. 

Eshkol National Park
In This Photo: Habsor Spring

Cool Things to Do in the Negev: Ein Akev 

Ein Akev is one of the only springs in the Negev that flows with great intensity all year round. In fact, these are two springs that flow in Akev stream that flows southeast of Sde Boker seminary. Among the white limestone cliffs around the creek grew rich and green vegetation which stands out in the arid desert landscape. The upper spring creates a narrow rock pool with mostly hidden waters, while the lower spring flows from a waterfall wall about 10 meters high and fills around a large and deep pool. To get to the spring you have to take a short walk, but bathing in the cool water is definitely worth it. The water is salty and unfit for drinking. Do not stay overnight because the spring serves as a drinking source for the animals in the area. 

Eshkol National Park - Egyptian Way Station
In This Photo: The Ruins at Habsor National Park

Cool Things to Do in the Negev: Gov Stream 

Nahal Gov, which descends from the Hatezra ridge and slides steeply into the wide channel of Nahal Tzin; creates a narrow canyon with impressive waterfalls and natural pounds of water (in the winter). Get a recommendation for a particularly challenging route that is only suitable for hikers; which provides a visit to a magical adventure park that is all a creation of nature!

In This Photo: Wadi Gov


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Israel National Trail Nahal Hawwa


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