Things to Do in Israel's Hot Summer

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So this post is about things to do in Israel’s hot summer! I mean Israel is known for its warm weather that allows people to come all year round. But then in July-August to be honest it’s really getting a little too much. This is especially true when you’re touring around the country and the temperature in the shade is 35°C (95°F). In short, not fun! And if you have kids, well then you’re really in trouble! So what are the sites you should tour when it’s getting really hot out there? Here we go then, the ultimate list of things to do in Israel’s hot Summer! 

In This Photo: Gan Hashlosha Nature Reserve

Things to Do in Israel’s Hot Summer: Soreq Cave

The Sorek Stalactite Cave, also known as the ‘Avshalom Cave’; is one of many things to do in Israel’s hot summer. It is a stalactite cave located in the Judean Mountains, about three kilometers east of the city of Beit Shemesh, in the heart of a nature reserve on the western slopes of the Judean Mountains, near the Sorek River. Although the cave is not among the largest stalactite caves in the world, it is rich in a wide variety of stalactites and stalagmites. 

In This Photo: Soreq Cave at the Judean Hills

The stalactites in the Sorek Cave began to form about five million years ago! As a result of the contact of water with carbon dioxide, a kind of acid is formed that dissolves the rock; and remnants of the limestone accumulate on the ceiling of the cave as they drip and harden – hence the stalactites. The solution reaches the ground and accumulates there in an upright pile – hence stalagmites. When the stalactites and stalagmites connect – pillars are formed. But the idea is that the cave is one of many things to do in Israel’s hot summer.

Gan Hashlosha National Park 

Gan Hashlosha National Park is also one of many things to do in Israel’s hot summer. The park is also known by its Arabic name Sakhne. It is located between Beit Alfa National Park and Kibbutz Nir David. The park has naturally warm water where visitors can swim all year. It is named in memory of three Jewish pioneers who came to survey the land on behalf of the Jewish National Fund in 1938 when their car rode over a land mine and all three were killed. But in any case in the hot summer, the water is cool and inviting. 

Kayaking and Rafting on the River Jordan

ATV’S at the Golan Heights 

Another great option is doing some ATV or Jeeping at the Golan Heights. During the tour, you can jump into natural springs that are abundant in the area. There are various options for ATV operators. Please do get in touch and while we are private touring I can combine a nice couple of hours of ATV or a short Jeep ride with an opportunity to jump into the Jordan River. 

Take a Dip In the Cool Dan River 

Another one of the many things to do in Israel’s hot summer is jump in one of the sources of the Jordan River. In other words the Dan River. It’s cold in a hot summer like Israel it will for sure cool you off. The best way is to go to Kibbutz Dan, it’s free. Then just find a place to park as close as you can to the stream and there you go. The big plus is that usually there aren’t lots of people especially if it’s in the middle of the week. 


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