Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's best beaches

Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv is one of the city’s most popular beaches and is a fantastic spot for enjoying a day of suntanning, swimming, surfing and catching a glimpse into local Israeli culture. Located in front of the Hilton Tel Aviv hotel on the northern part of the tayelet (Tel Aviv Promenade); Hilton Beach has clean bathroom facilities, changing rooms and showers; two lifeguard stations; umbrellas and chairs to rent; and plenty of cafés and restaurants serving refreshments.

Moreover, Hilton Beach also plenty of watersports to enjoy at the beach. For example, you can take kayaking; windsurfing, and surfing lessons at the TopSea Surf Club; which also hosts an annual surfing competition that attracts a good crowd. And the club’s bar and restaurant makes deliveries on the beach from arctic ice-lollies to coconut cocktails.

The Beach is generally divided into three sections; each of which offers its own unique character and set of beachgoers. 

South Hilton Beach

First, the southern side of the beach is known as Surfer’s Beach and is popular with local surfers looking to catch the perfect wave.  

Middle Hilton Beach

Second, the middle strip of the beach is popular with the LGBT crowd and is a bustling hub marked by rainbow flags. The gay-friendly beach welcomes everyone and is always packed with a beautiful crowd playing matkot (Israeli paddle ball game); particularly during the famous Tel Aviv Pride week.

The Northern Beach

Last is the northern end of the Hilton beach is known as the Hof Haklavim (dog beach) and is a lovely spot for walking or watching dogs running free and enjoying the sand and sea. So dogs are allowed to run around off-leash in Tel Aviv; so keep this in mind if you want to visit the beach and aren’t a fan of dogs.

Hilton Beach can be reached via the Hilton Hotel on Jabotinsky street or by walking along Hayarkon street. Parking is available for a fee at the Hilton hotel, however, street parking is very limited, so it’s best to use public transportation or head to the beach by bike or on foot.

So spending a relaxing day at the beautiful Hilton Beach and soaking up some sun with the locals is highly recommended if you have the time. So here is a link for more details about Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv Municipality.


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Best Beaches in Tel Aviv


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