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George Bernard Shaw once said: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food” and I believe this is especially true for Sarona Market. It’s a wonderful little food market in Tel Aviv! So if you’re looking for delicious a meal in Tel Aviv. Well, I got the perfect place for you! And it’s Sarona Food Market!

Sarona Market: The First Covered Market in Israel

Did you know? Sharona Market is the largest and most unique indoor food market in Israel! How big and unique is it? In an area of ​​8,700 square meters, you will find about 90 shops, stalls, and restaurants in all categories. A combination of a groundbreaking world, old and new in the culinary field. Sarona Market places an emphasis on gourmet and end products that you can only find there! Cheeses imported from all over the world, fine balsamic vinegar from Italy, fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean, French champagne, and spices from the Far East. And of course, it is impossible without the local produce from the country – fruits and vegetables, lambs and cattle from the Golan Heights, fresh fish from the Mediterranean, local wines and foreign produce, boutique beers, chocolates, handmade pastries, and many more delicious surprises. Culinary paradise at its best.

So where does Sarona Market get all this successful inspiration from? Of the leading markets in the world of course! For example, Borough Market in London; Chelsea Market in New York (Chelsea Market); La Boqueria in Barcelona and Italy’s chain of markets around the globe (Eataly). Inside the shops, behind the counters, and in the lively restaurant kitchens of the market you will find real food people; products and dishes that have long been the talk of the town: the burger of Meat Bar, the cheeses of Asher Promjeri from the Holy City, and the halva of the Halva Kingdom.

Sarona Market Is a Genuine Experience

How can I describe a place that is an experience? So Sarona Market is totally an amusement park of flavors! Alongside all this, there are the best young culinary entrepreneurs who came to bring fresh concepts of shopping, consumerism, and entertainment, all while constantly thinking about the great crowd that frequents the market every day. You will also find, among other things, a fish and seafood bar, a fish shop by Zico the Fisherman, handmade fresh fruit popsicles, and a wine tasting stand where you can be impressed by at least 40 types of boutique wines. You’re not real foodies if Sarona Market is not your second home! Here is a link to their website. Now if you’re already in the area you should check out the historic Sarona Colony which is now turned to be a bustling open-air shopping center called Saronatlv.


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