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Allon Road actually consists of three roads, routes 578, 508, and 458, which follow the West Bank of Israel running parallel to the famous Highway 90. The historical significance of Allon Road takes place after the Israeli victory of the Six-Day War. Following the win, the Palmach forces commander, Yigal Allon, devised a plan to partition the narrow section between Israel and Jordan. The goal was to establish residential and agricultural sectors and military outposts to create a buffer in case Jordan decided to attack. It’s easy to see how the plan took effect since all the settlements are located on the road’s east side. Today, people are much less concerned amount an impending attack and instead can use Allon Road as a short road trip! 

Allon Road – Where King Saul Battled Against the Philistines

Starting from the Israeli settlement of Maskiot, the northern section of Allon Road, Road 578, stretches from Beit Shean to Beka’ot Junction. For those with biblical ties, this area was known to be home to the Manasseh tribe. Next, you can stop at Sumra, where the remnants of a large Roman and Byzantine town once stood. As you continue down the road, you will notice numerous ruins that once used to be ancient fortresses. The central part of Allon Road, Road 508, goes from Hamra Junction to Ma’ale Efraim Junction. You will cross a wide valley where sheep are happily munching on the tasty grass. Even more ancient fortress ruins can be seen from the road; you can choose to stop as often as you like, although many will only appear to be stacks of rubble without the knowledge of an educated guide. 

The southern section of Allon Road, Road #458, will take you from Maale Efraim Junction to Ma’ale Adumim. You will pass the new community of Kita and the only Arab village of Duma. Even more, ruins will follow, including those of Jibeit, Samiya, Marjameh, and Kilya. Make sure to keep an eye out for Allon Vista, where you can stop to enjoy the spectacular views. As you look over the land, you will see stunning colors of red soil mixed with the lush greens of the olive groves. Next, you will come to Maale Michmash. Maale Michmash is where King Saul, the first Jewish king, was thought to defeat the Philistines in his first battle. Lastly, you can stop at Ein Mabua Spring. Three major springs fed the area, and the remains of a Byzantine monastery are located beside one. You can still see the mosaic floor today!


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