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Are you ready to take on a great Israeli road trip? Israel is a beautiful country made up of various terrains from the soaring peaks of the Judaean Mountains to the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. Rolling hills of olive groves, warm sand on the beaches, and wooded forests all play a part in what makes Israel a gorgeous land to visit. Beyond just the beauty, Israel is steeped in fascinating history, religious significance, puzzling archaeology, and more.

Given the country’s small size and close proximity to its famous attractions, you can enjoy a comfortable and active road trip. Plus, there is, even more, to see off the beaten path! If you would like to experience the best road trips to do in Israel at their finest, come on a private tour with me! Not only will you get to see all the sites, but you will also get to learn about them from a local’s perspective, and you don’t have to drive! But if you fancy going solo you should read my post about Driving in Israel. Another post I think you might find useful is Renting a Car in Israel. Enjoy!

The Road Here Are Ancient as Israel! 

The roads of Israel that we know and love today have a much longer past than most people realize. In fact, many of the roads date back centuries to the time of the Romans; when they built cobblestone roads to help their military mobilize around the land. Over the years, as the ownership of the land of Israel changed hands, so did the roads. The Ottoman Empire added guard posts. And the time under British rule led to a significant modernization of the roads. However, it wasn’t until after Israel declared independence that Israel’s roads began to take on the shape, function, and beauty that they possess today. Now, we have the opportunity to explore them in a new light and experience a great Israeli road trip!  

In fact, there is no shortage of road trip options with so much to see and the convenient interconnecting roads in Israel. It all depends on what you want to see! The two best road trips in Israel are Highway 90 and Highway 1. Highway 90 will take along the entire eastern length of Israel; it stretches 480 kilometers from Metula, along its northern border with Lebanon, to Eilat, sitting on its southern border with Egypt. Also, you can see the Sea of Galilee; the Dead Sea; the Masada National Park; and so much more! My other favorite is Highway 1! Highway 1, on the other hand; connects Tel Aviv to the Jordan Valley. Traversing this road will allow you to explore environmental rehabilitation projects; memorials; ancient forts, and other various sites.


Hi! My name is Arik Haglili, an Israeli native who decided to dedicate his life to share my knowledge about the Holy Land to those that are interested to know more about this amazing piece of land. My career as a private tour guide started at the International School For the Studying of the Holocaust and the rest is history.

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