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Hiking in Israel is one of the fun things you can do when touring the Holy Land. There are lots of different trails you can choose for your hike, From the short and easy trails anyone can do, including kids; to trails that would require some preparation and designated only for experienced hikers. Here is all you need to know about Hiking in the Holy Land!

In This Photo: Hiking in the Negev is one of my Personal Favorites

The Eseentials About Hiking in Israel!

Hiking is so much fun in Israel! I mean with so many trails to hike through (officially Israel has over 6,000 miles of marked trails!) I am sure you’ll find the best hiking trail for you and your family, in case it’s the entire bunch. So if it’s your very first time in Israel I do think you should start with the most iconic trails that honestly are not difficult and are doable by anyone. In other words, there are trails that are designated for families, and some tries that require more stamina and there is some altitude to gain are there as well.

In This Photo: The Blue Trail in Wadi Arugot – Ein Gedi Oasis – Don’t Forget Your Sandals!

Hiking in Ein Gedi

Since all trails are marked in most cases a map is not a must. However, if you’re planning to hike the entire Israel National Trail having a map for sure will come in handy. So what is my first runner-up? Well, I think Wadi Arugot is always on my top of the list. This amazing trail is in the midst of the Judaean Desert and is one of my all-time favorite trails when I am touring Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Just don’t forget guys it’s the middle of the desert. So spite of the fact you have lots of little freshwater cisterns to jump into; try to come during the springtime (Late February – Early April).

Hiking in Israel: The Judaean Hills

A super easy trail to compete which is also a loop trail that will take you a few hours to finish is Katlav Stream. Located in the Judaean Hill just outside Jerusalem it is the best option if you’re staying in the Holy City and want to disconnect for a bit. Just bear in mind that the loop trail is partially uphill and is not for everyone. The easier trail is going all the way downstream. Just make sure you have a car waiting for you there. For more about all the different options this wonderful offers you should read my post about Katlav Stream.

Hiking in Israel is one of the fun things you can do when touring Israel. There are lots of different trails you can choose for your hike!
In This Photo: Hiking the Judaean Hills is a Super Fun Area to Go Explorin’

Hiking Israel: The Historical Burma Road

Burma road, today a very nice trail to enjoy was back then in 1948 a bypass road that was built hastily. It was during the War of Independence that the Jordanians prevented the Israeli forces to reach besieged Jerusalem. So the result was this bypass supply line. These days it is a super nice trail to explore Israel. Among other things to encounter on your way is Rabin Park. There You can continue walking and connect to the Forest of the Martyrs. The Burma Road in Rabin Park is marked in red along its entire length. So that would make things easy for you! Also, there is a bike rental shop you can check out if you feel like biking it or call up your own private guide!

In This Photo: Kedushim Forest Next to Jerusalem. Ideal for Hikes!

Sea to Sea Trail

From all the hiking in Israel you can do, this specific trail will blow your mind! The Sea to Sea Trail starts from the Med Sea (hiking along Kziv Stream) and ends on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. On your way, you will see lots of tourist attractions like Montfort Castle. The trek is long. How long? Well, prepare to walk about 50 mi. A stretch you could finish in 3-4 days without suffering too much while doing it.

In This Photo: Montfort Castle – An Amazing Crusader Castle

I would recommend starting from the Med Sea because you start from sea level while the eastern end is situated -220 meters below sea level. In other words, apart from some climbing, you have to do in order to see some attractions, the trail, in general, is downhill. The second section is Amud Stream Nature Reserve which brings you all the way to the Sea of Galilee. This section of the hike is part of the Israel National Trail.

Kziv Stream Nature Reserve
In This Photo: Kziv Nature Reserve

Jerusalem Trail

The Jerusalem Trail is yet a great trail to get to know Jerusalem. During your hike, you’ll see some of the city’s landmarks like the Old Town Jerusalem, the Kidron Valley, the Israeli Parlament, and much more! Since it is quite long (26 miles) I wouldn’t recommend doing it in one day but divided it up into a couple of sections.

In This Photo: The Trail Over Ein Kerem


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