Best Beaches in Eilat

365 days of pure sun

So you’ve reached Eilat and you’re ready for an amazing vacation! But which are the best beaches in Eilat? So I’ve decided to check out and give the best possible options where you can some peaceful sea & sun.

Best Beaches in Eilat: Dolphin Reef Beach

Dolphin Reef Beach in Eilat, which lays on the shores of the Red Sea; is a horseshoe-shaped sea-pen where bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Eilat swim in and out of. Important to stress out that the Dolphins aren’t kept captives. They live in what is their natural environment and can go in out to the open sea should they want to leave.

The Reed had a diving center that offers individual and group diving tours, as well as unique therapy sessions for the disabled and seminars on dolphin behavior. Most species of fish can be found in the area. For example, Angelfish; Butterflyfish; cuttlefish; blue-spotted, and black-spotted stingrays are common. There you will find floating piers and observation points to enable visitors to observe the dolphins as they live their day-to-day routine.

Next door, there are relaxation pools just moments away from the beach area at the dolphin reef. There you would find a botanical garden containing three heated soft water pools. This tranquil environment, along with calming underwater music and spa treatments, forms a haven for those who seek some peace of mind.

Best Beaches in Eilat: Mosh Beach

Furthermore, the south coast of the city further offers enclaves of tranquility. You can sit there on the shore of the Dolphin Reef for a drink in the late sun, gossiping with the dolphins about the days when Rafi Nelson was king of the area. Anyone who had binoculars would go in and peek underwater at the reef, which at the time did not differentiate between Eilat and Sinai; to dream of Aqaba and Wadi Rum. So just let the silence take over and sunbathe your body. Or you can go and see what everyone is talking about and what Mosh’s beach is; the one opened by four partners, including Mosh Ben Ari, the famous Israeli singer.


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