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Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve runs along the length of the perennial Nahal Kziv stream in Upper Galilee in northern Israel. Starting near Mount Meron, Nahal Kziv flows for twenty kilometers before dumping into the Mediterranean Sea at Achziv Beach. The massive amount of rain that occurs during the winter turns the Nahal Kziv into a gushing stream.

While much of the water is pumped out to supply the residents in the area; there is still plenty of water leftover to make this a popular hiking, biking, and nature lovers destination. Visiting Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve is an ideal way to spend the day away from the craziness of life and simply enjoy the peacefulness that nature has to offer. Please note that the Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve usually becomes quite crowded at Passover and Rosh Hashanah. I highly suggest planning your day trip before or after the holidays if you wish to avoid the crowds. 

The Best Trails in Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve

There are three primary trails in the Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve that you can enjoy, but the most popular is the circular trail that starts and ends at the Mitzpe Hila parking area. If you choose to follow the circular route, there are many beautiful and historical sites waiting for you around the corner. The first significant site is Montfort Castle. Continuing, you will come across a few flour mills and a tower.

Next, you will head towards Ein Tamir. While it is one of the nicest parts of the trail, it is usually the most crowded. I suggest that you enjoy walking along the riverbank, dipping your toes in the water, and peering into the little pools before heading into Ein Tamir. Ein Tamir is a dark tunnel that you can explore. It is excellent for those traveling with kids, but make sure that they don’t get too far away from you! 

The Best Trails in Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve: Montfort Castle

One of the best locations in Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve is Montfort Castle. Meaning “Castle of the Little Horn,” Montfort is a ruined Crusader castle. Originally, Montfort was the Teutonic Order’s principal location in the Holy Land, having been founded in the 12th century. Built on a steep cliff, this castle was not like most castles of the time. Instead of being made for military purposes, it was created for administration.

Eventually, its usefulness declined, and it was sold to the Teutonic Knights of Germany, who transformed it into a proper castle. Sadly, after the Mamluks took over the land, the castle was completely demolished except for what we have left today. When exploring the ruins, you can climb to the top of the tower to get a spectacular view of the surrounding scenery. So with all that said I think Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve is one of the best options to tour Western Galilee. 


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Montfort Castle


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