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The Amud Stream Nature Reserve is centered around the Amud Stream as it makes its way towards the Sea of Galilee. Flowing from north to south; the Amud Stream crosses many different rock types and has slowly created fantastic ravines over the millennia. Moreover, tourists enjoy visiting the Amud Stream Nature Reserve as a way to relax and unplug from the world.

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Here; visitors can walk among the orchards; gaze into the crystal clear pools; discover the ancient history, and hike along the glorious trails. One favorite destination of all visitors is the Tsera Lookout Point, where you can look over the siphon through which the National Carrier crosses the Amud Stream. When visiting Nahal Amud Nature Reserve, you will split your time between the Upper Nahal Amud and the Lower Nahal Amud. And each section has its own unique history; archeology, and activities. 

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In the Upper section of the Amud Stream Nature Reserve, you will find the ruins of 18 of the 26 flour mills along the stream. Initially, some of these mills were fulling mills, where you process wool, which was a technology brought to Israel by the Jews from Spain. These flour mills date back to the 16th century and were in operation until modern technology replaced waterpower in the 20th century.

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As you continue down the stream, you will also find the ruins of bridges and aqueducts. In the Lower section of the Amud Stream Nature Reserve, the most notable features are the caves, including the Dovecote; Amud Cave, and Amira caves. Over the past century, these caves have been excavated. Inside, archeologists found remnants of prehistoric people dating back 150,000 years ago to the archaic Neanderthal. 

In This Photo: In Hebrew ‘Amud’ Means Pillar and Is Named After This Pillar Hikers Can See When Walking Along the Stream

Markedly this little stream allows for the plentiful wildlife in the Amud Stream Nature Reserve to thrive. Also, it is home to some larger mammals. Including the wild boar; Palestine mountain gazelles; hyenas; wolves; jackals, and more. When hiking through the area, you may be able to spot some of the smaller mammals such as the red fox and the porcupine. But just make sure not to get too close!

Montfort Castle
In This: Photo Montfort Castle

If you are lucky, you may spot the Near Eastern fire salamander relaxing on a river rock or hear the various frogs croaking. Don’t just look down; by looking up, you may see the long-legged buzzard or Bonelli’s eagle soaring overhead. When peering into the water, keep an eye out for the powerful but tiny Levantine scraper swimming upstream; and the river crabs scuttling along the rocks.


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Montfort Castle


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