Route 505

Road Trippin' In Israel

Route 505 is a regional wide road also known as the “Trans-Samaria Road”; which it shares with the parallel road in its western part – Road 5. The entire road is east of the Green Line and along it are many Palestinian settlements and Jewish settlements. The road crosses Road 60 on the main mountain range to the Jordan Valley. Reaching up to a height of about 1000 meters.

Route 505 was first paved during the British Mandate and was connected between the Arab local villages in the area from west and Road 60 to the east. Then in 1975, the construction of the continuation of the road to the east began, with the aim of connecting the settlements of the Jordan Valley to the center of the country in a direct route and not through the Jordan Valley Road.

In the first phase, a detour was also paved to the existing route that passed through the Arab (Palestinian) villages. Then another section 6.5 km long was paved to Tapuach Junction. In 1980, the paving of the section between Tapuach Junction and Petzael Junction began, and the road received the nickname “Cross Samaria”.

Route 505 – Road trips In Israel

The drive on route 505 is one of the nicest scenic routes you can use to get to the Dead Sea if you’re coming from the Med Sea coastline. Yes, it’s passing through the west bank; and you’ll see it on your way to the Jordan valley. The other option is using Highway 1 but honestly, I think this one is much nicer!


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