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Extreme Sports in Israel are super popular in the Holy Land! Now of course there are many other things to do in Israel. But after touring all over the country or just to have some fun for a couple of hours; doing some extreme sports is a great way to get an adrenalin rush. There is a huge range of extreme activities so If adventure sports and extreme activities press all your buttons, get ready for the trip of a lifetime! In Israel, you can participate in almost every extreme sport. For example, Skydiving; Off-road driving; Rafting; Caving; Paragliding; Canyoning; Rappelling, and much more! Here is the ultimate guide about cool things to do in Israel.

Extreme Sports in Israel: Paragliding

Imagine after touring the coastline exploring the amazing ruins of Caesarea and enjoying a nice rest next to the Medditrnean Sea; we can sign off with an hour-long birdseye view of the region we toured! No wind or thermals are needed. It can be launched in still air, and on level ground, by the pilot alone. It takes only a couple of seconds before you are gently lifted off the ground and into the sky, embarking on a journey that will provide you with excitement and unforgettable memories!

Caving in the Judaean Hills 

You choose the nature of your experience: calm and tantalizing, or extreme and adrenalin-filled. No previous flight experience is necessary for tandem flights; they can be enjoyed by just about anyone. In addition, you are seated in a secure harness behind your instructor. So this seating arrangement allows you an unobstructed panoramic view. Finally, under the supervision of your instructor, you may take the controls and experience the sensation of flying yourself! One of the companies that offer this kind of activity is Extreme-Israel.

Watersports in Israel

If you’re looking for some watersports fun, Israel is the best place for it since it has an everlasting summer! There are numerous water adventures to enjoy in the Holy Land, almost all year long! Israel Surf Club in Tel Aviv offers unique and adventurous activities. They offer private tours are given by professional, licensed guides who focus on the customer and use only the latest, most advanced, boats and equipment. But apart from Tel Aviv what other watersports can you do in Israel? So you’ll be shocked but many! For example, tornado at Rosh Hanikra; rafting on the Jordan River; Dead Sea Boating or Kayaking; Water Sports on the Sea of Galilee; Windsurfing and Kitesurfing or diving in the Red Sea.

Caving, Rock Climbing and Canyoning in Israel

In Israel, we have lots of caves you can explorer. For example in the Dead Sea area, there are famous salt caves. These caves are a unique geological phenomenon that exists in only two places in the world! The mystery of the unknown is what makes spelunking/caving in Israel so special. Caving in Israel gives you the opportunity to put your feet where no one has ever walked before. You will also be part of the exploration and discovery of new things. While caving in Israel you will feel like you are discovering a new world. Sites for caving in Israel are Hurvat Madras; Nam’er Cave; Abirim Stalactite Cave; Huta 6 Cave; Luzit Cave; Haritun Cave; Alma Cave; Fox’s Chimney and more!

Rock Climbing is possible all over Israel! Anyone can do it and it’s meant for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Routes are possible in the Golan, in the Jerusalem area, and in the Negev! Climbing is a sport that makes us feel better about ourselves. Developing stamina and inner strength.


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