Keshet Cave

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Keshet Cave is the name of a geological attraction in the northern ridge of Betzet Reserve in the Western Galilee, in the area of ​​Adamit Park. Despite the name of the place, today it is not a cave. Geological processes have changed over the years what was a cave; its ceiling collapsed and today it is a kind of large arch. Hence the name of the site. The special shape of the Cave attracts many tourists and abseiling enthusiasts.

How Did the Cave Was Formed?

Simply said Keshet Cave is a karstic cave. But what does it mean? So ‘Karst’ is a distinct landform shaped largely by the dissolving action of water on carbonate rock such as limestone, dolomite, and marble. In addition this process typically occurs over thousands or millions of years, resulting in a variety of surface and below-ground features, including gorges; sinkholes; underground streams, and caves.

So let’s talk about the development of the karst landscape like the ones you can find in the Galilee Region. First, you need resistant cap rock ridges like in the photo. Then rainwater and groundwater percolate through underground fissures and bedding planes, dissolving carbonate minerals, creating wider cavities and conduits.

Rock Climbing in Keshet Cave

In 2012, a number of European rock climbers visited the area and discovered the potential of Keshet Cave to become an international climbing site. This is due to the structure of the rock, its quality, and the fact that the cave was previously recognized as a climbing site by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

After the development of a large number of sporty climbing and abseiling routes (“abseiling”); the place was recognized among the international climbing community as a top climbing site. The site attracts mass climbers from Israel and around the world every year and has even received coverage on websites.


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