Best Beaches at the Sea of Galilee

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What are the best beaches at the Sea of Galilee? From the quiet beaches where you can play music or have a barbecue, through the most popular and lively; to those that offer the most special attractions: For the hot season in Israel and the heat waves we get here sometimes; I have chosen for you the most worthwhile beaches in our national lake!

So which are the best beaches in the Sea of Galilee? Around the Sea of ​​Galilee, There are 29 beaches where rescue services operate. Eleven of them are on the shores of the city of Tiberias; while 12 beaches are around the lake. Five other beaches, most of them in the north and south of the lake, belong to the Jordan Valley Regional Council, and the local council has its beach tower. Some beaches are very tidy and offer various ancillary services and unique attractions. I have chosen to show you the ones that are worthwhile around Lake Kineret

Bora Bora Beach

At the Sea of Galilee is a private beach where you will enjoy a relaxing spot to end a lovely Sea of Galilee private tour. When I am with my guests, we don’t have much time to spare since we’re touring all day, and every minute counts. But the owners of Bora Bora beach invested a great deal to make the experience there the ultimate one you can get around the Sea of Galilee. For example, comfortable sofas, two different bars, and fresh food. Unlike other beaches, the showers here are clean, and going into the restrooms does not become a traumatic experience if you know what I mean. And they are open from early morning till late at night. You can also do some water sports here like waterskiing and much more.

Best Beaches at the Sea of Galilee: Hukok Beach North

A green and quiet beach in the north of the Sea of ​​Galilee, which was nicknamed the “vegetarian beach” due to the ban on lighting bonfires and barbecues in its area, and the quiet of the place was maintained thanks to the ban on the introduction of amplification systems, animals and generators.

Shirat Hayam Boutique Hotel In Tiberias

The beach has playgrounds for children, a beach volleyball complex, and ping-pong tables. In addition, the beach also has wireless internet available and a point for charging mobile phones. You can rent sunbeds, tents and even caravans for accommodation. For sure one of the ultimate Beaches around the Sea of Galilee!

Best Beaches at the Sea of Galilee: Tse’elon Beach

The beach is located northeast of the lake and is one of the most magical in the Sea of ​​Galilee, with trees that give a pleasant shade, lots of vegetation, and lovely small corners to isolate. The beach is especially suitable for families because it also prohibits the introduction of amplification and music-playing systems, but barbecues can be lit. On the beach, a complex is ideal for accommodation in tents, lawns, lighting, parasols, and a mobile phone charging station.


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