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Botanical Gardens in Israel

Things to Do

Israel is home to several stunning botanical gardens, each showcasing the unique and diverse flora of the region. These gardens offer visitors a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Israel’s landscape.

Here are the Most Notable Botanical Gardens in Israel:

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens – The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens is the most extensive botanical garden in Israel, covering an area of 120 acres. The gardens feature over 10,000 plant species worldwide, including many rare and endangered species. The gardens are divided into several sections, each showcasing plants from a different region, including the Mediterranean, Australia, South Africa, and Japan.

The Ecological Garden of the Technion – The Ecological Garden of the Technion is a stunning hilltop garden overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The garden features over 5,000 species of plants, including many native to Israel. The garden also features several greenhouses, including a tropical rainforest greenhouse, a desert greenhouse, and a succulent greenhouse.

The Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens – The Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens are located in the heart of the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, a protected area known for its natural beauty and rich biodiversity. The gardens feature over 900 species of plants, including many rare and endangered species. The gardens are divided into several sections, each representing a different ecosystem in the region, including desert, Mediterranean, and tropical.

The Botanical Garden in Tel Aviv – The Tel Aviv University Botanical Garden is home to over 3,500 plant species worldwide, including many rare and endangered species. The garden is divided into several sections, including a Mediterranean garden, a desert garden, and a tropical garden. The garden also features a collection of over 700 species of succulent plants.

Botanical Gardens Tel Aviv

Not A Botanical Garden But Worth It!

The Ramat Hanadiv Gardens – Not a botanical garden, but the Ramat Hanadiv Garden is located in the heart of the Carmel Mountains and features a stunning collection of Mediterranean plants. The garden also features several walking trails, including a trail through an ancient oak forest.

Ramat Hanadiv Gardens

The National Botanic Garden of Israel: located at Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem, is a stunning oasis of natural beauty and biodiversity in the city’s heart. The garden is on the slopes of Mt. Scopus, overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem and the surrounding hills.

Visitors to these botanical gardens can enjoy guided tours, workshops, and educational programs that showcase Israel’s landscape’s unique beauty and biodiversity. Whether you are a lover of nature, an avid gardener, or simply looking for a peaceful and beautiful escape, Israel’s botanical gardens are a must-see destination.


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