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Horseback Riding in Israel

Fun Things to Do

Horseback riding in Israel may seem to some of us an adventurous sport. But the truth is that there are very few more relaxing experiences than horseback riding in the great outdoors. Even those who have never ridden a horse should not be afraid: the horses are endowed with a particularly high emotional intelligence; they feel who is riding them and adapt themselves to it.

This is also the reason why horseback riding is often used as a therapeutic tool for people with emotional difficulties and disabilities. Within a short time of getting on the horse, it is already possible to feel confident, and to this is added a sense of satisfaction that the horse understands our desire and knows where to turn and whether to slow down or rather accelerate.

A large part of the pleasure of riding is also related to the environment. Horseback Riding tours allow you to go out into nature, without roads, cars, or buildings all around you. There are places that can only be reached with the horse; and when you are on the horse’s back, whether you are hiking in the woods, crossing a stream, or galloping along the sea, the feeling is that you are on the top of the world.

So Where Can You Do Some Horseback Riding in Israel?

So Commercial stables can be found all over Israel; with horseback riding being a popular past-time for many locals. Honestly, there are tens of stables in all different areas of the country. Feel free to get in touch and I would arrange for you the ultimate Horseback Riding Tour. The length could vary from a couple of hours to a couple of days! So do feel free to get in touch and let’s go touring. My favorite area is either the Golan or the Sea of Galilee area both have very nice scenery and really nice comfortable trails.


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