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Road Trippin' Israel

Highway 90 could be a great road trip in Israel. Stretching along the entire eastern length of the country is Israel’s longest road, Highway 90. Highway 90 traverses 480 kilometers from Metula, along its northern border with Lebanon, to Eilat, sitting on its southern border with Egypt. The oldest part of the road is the northernmost section, from Metula to Tiberias; it has been around since the Ottoman Empire. My recommendation for sure for a fun road trip! 

Given its various ages and extreme length, it makes sense that Highway 90 hasn’t always been one stretch of continuous road. For many years, the road was a series of chunks that didn’t connect. It wasn’t until after the Six-Day War ended in the late 1960s, and the final section of road along the northern part of the Dead Sea was completed, was the road was finally one piece. Now, Highway 90’s route takes it through a stunning variety of landscapes that feature Israel’s magnificent beauty. 

The Best Highway to Explore Israel! 

From north to south, there are many captivating destinations to stop along your Highway 90 road trip. Starting from Metula, you will begin your journey south. If you need to stretch your legs, you can stop at the tiny Nabi Yesha Forest or the Hola Nature Reserve for a quick walk along the trails before continuing.

Soon, Highway 90 will take you along the west side of the Sea of Galilee. The Sea of Galilee features many fascinating attractions that could keep you busy for the rest of the day. I suggest that you stop here for the night to explore everything or pick just one destination before resuming your road trip. As you continue to drive south, make sure to look to the east to see if you can spot the Jordan River winding through the landscape. 

Soon, you will pass Jericho and be on the section of Highway 90 that is the lowest road in the world as it passes along the western bank of the Dead Sea. Here would be another place to stop for the evening to go floating in the Dead Sea as well as check out the Ein Gedi Reserve and the Masada National Park. From there, you will continue through the Arabah Valley before reaching the final stop, Eilat, which borders Egypt on the Red Sea.

By following Highway 90, you have traversed the entire length of Israel on your road trip! While beautiful, Highway 90 is known as a deadly path, especially for drivers unaccustomed to Israeli’s way of driving. Due to this, I highly suggest taking a private tour along or through parts of Highway 90 to ensure that you are always using the safest options available for you and your family. 


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