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What are the best museums in Galilee? Recently there are a few that were just opened. So perhaps writing a post about them would be a good idea. Firstly I should mention you should check their opening hours and get in touch with them first Since some of them are quite small sometimes the opening hours might change.

Best Museums in the Galilee – Dona Gracia Museum

The Dona Gracia Museum is located in the center of Tiberias, within a short walk to the seashore and the recreation area. Furthermore, it’s the world’s unique live museum! A place of entertainment in which you will imagine the 16th century in a journey to the life of the Jewish woman Dona Gracia. In a setting in the style of the Lady’s palace and the sounds of the Renaissance.

Gracia Mendes Nasi was a Portuguese intellectual and one of the wealthiest Jewish women of Renaissance Europe. In addition, she married Francisco Mendes. In fact, she was the maternal aunt and business partner of João Micas, who became a prominent figure in the politics of the Ottoman Empire.

Best Museums in the Galilee: Museum of the Underground Prisoners in Akko

So the Museum of Underground PrisonersAcre is a memorial museum in memory of members of the Hebrew underground during the British Mandate; who were imprisoned in Acre Prison. Furthermore, the museum recounts the historical events that took place at the site. Furthermore, it illustrates the lives of underground prisoners and the prison break in the Acre prison through audio-visual spectacle. The site dedicates memorial rooms to the nine victims of the Acre Prison Break and the nine that were hung to death by the British.

More About Underground Prisoners in Acre

An impressive fortress built in the Ottoman era over the ruins of a crusader fortress stands at the northern part of old Acre. During British rule, the fortress was used as a central prison. Hundreds of underground organizations members: Like the Haganah, Etzel, and Lehi. They were imprisoned here due to their struggle to defend the Jewish settlement, the war against the British Mandate, and their right to establish a national home in the Land of Israel. In addition, the museum presents the story of the Acre Prison: In other words, the imprisonment of Ze’ev Jabotinsky. And the defenders of Jerusalem in 1920; the nine prisoners sentenced to death (“Oley Hagardom” 1938-1947); the break-in into the Acre Prison in May 1947, and the story of the central groups of the prisoner, prison routine, and more.

Best Museums in the Galilee: Nazareth Village

Set on the outskirts of Nazareth, the Nazareth Village is built on ancient agricultural land that boasts the area’s last remaining first-century wine press. The original farm has been restored with its ancient wine press, terraces, irrigation system, stone quarry, and exact replicas of first-century houses, a synagogue, a watchtower, mikveh, and olive presses have been carefully constructed using the original building methods and materials.

Together, these elements form the Nazareth Village, an authentic first-century farm and archaeologically accurate re-creation of the hometown of Jesus with real ties to the life and time of His friends, family, and fellow Nazarenes.

Best Museums in the Galilee – Yigal Alon Museum

One of the things you must see is at the Yigal Alon Museum is the Ancient Galilee Boat, also known as the Jesus Boat. In fact, it is an ancient fishing boat from the 1st century CE, discovered in 1986 on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. The boat first appeared during a drought, when the waters of the Sea of Galilee receded. Other than the dating, there is no evidence connecting the boat to Jesus or his disciples, but still, it gives a great idea of how boats looked in biblical times.


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