Bible Lands Museum

Best Museums in Jerusalem

First, the Bible Lands Museum is one of Jerusalem’s best museums as it tells the story of humanity and their culture. Moreover, the museum explores the archeology of the Ancient Near East; considered to be the lands of the Bible. Here you will find on display some of the great civilizations that influenced the modern world such as Sumer; Egypt; Babylon; Assyria; Canaan; Persia; Greece; and Rome.

These civilizations were responsible for advancing language; writing; economics; commerce; science; technology; religion, and more. While the people of these civilizations have been long lost, the pieces they left behind allow us to understand their lives better; habits; beliefs; and values. Likely; many of us have heard of these ancient civilizations in school; the Bible Lands Museum invites you to rediscover what is what like to live during these times; see how these lands could be connected to the Bible; and understand how these ancient civilizations shaped the world that we know today.

Visiting the Bible Lands Museum is Like Time Travel

When you enter the museum; you are instantly transported back in time to a gate of one of the ancient cities. In fact, the museum’s main gallery takes you through twenty sections in chronological order from the time when hunters transformed to urban dwellers all the way to Sassanian Mesopotamia.

As you explore the Bible Lands Museum, you can examine the intimate details of the archaeological sites through the use of pictures; diagrams; dioramas; and more. In addition, the Bible Lands Museum curators connect specific displays to relevant biblical verses. The whole museum is designed to connect you to the past in a way a textbook never could; through fascinating and engaging exhibits that allow you to peer back in time.

Artifacts on Display for You to Enjoy

Of course, you also get to explore what they found! There are hundreds of artifacts on display for you to enjoy. Including documents; weapons; statues; coins, and much more. For example, take a piece of ancient pottery. You will be able to imagine what it was like to live and eat meals with people from thousands of years ago. Or cultic artifacts were also found! They were commonly found in the main city centers with many cultures. But archaeologists have discovered more within the home of individual families.

In fact, one such artifact that you can find in the Bible Lands Museum and has fascinated historians was a temple model actually carved from limestone that resembled Greek architecture; but this artifact is a few hundred years older than similar artifacts found in Greece. So artifacts like this puzzle all those involved with its discovery; creating a greater curiosity for knowledge and understanding.

Another Museum I think you should consider is the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum which is located just outside the Old City Walls.


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