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Overlooking Mount Zion and the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem from the hill of the Hinnom Ridge, the Menachem Begin Heritage Center is a living memorial to Menachem Begin, Israel’s sixth Prime Minister. The education, tourism, and research center strive to pass on Menachem Begin’s legacy, who has been hailed as of the most outstanding leaders of the Jewish people in the 20th century.

Menachem Begin Museum

Some More About the Menachem

Harry Hurwitz established the Menachem Begin Museum, Begin’s longtime friend. The state memorial and museum are designed to represent Begin’s character with a subtle design and an air of dignity. The structure was also built atop an archaeological site, and a replication of the findings is exhibited in the museum, such as the silver scroll pendant containing the Biblical Priestly Blessing in ancient Hebrew script.

Inspired by the life and leadership of the former Israeli Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner, the museum features excellent exhibits that display Menachem Begin’s research in the form of original documents and photographs.

Menachem Begin Museum is designed by Uri Shaviv and curated by Orit Gover, the cutting-edge museum uses advanced technology to create an intellectual and emotional experience for visitors through films, recordings, and digital graphics. The original furniture from the Begins’ Rosenbaum Street apartment in Tel Aviv is also displayed in the museum.

The Begin Center is also home to a 300-seat auditorium, a Bible Study Learning Center and Synagogue, a Research Institute and archives, and a Junior Knesset Educational Unit. There are also study rooms, seminar facilities, and other conference features, as well as the White Nights dairy restaurant and coffee shop.

Menachem Begin

Born in 1913, Menachem Begin filled many leadership roles in his life ranging from a Pre-War Zionist Youth Leader and Commander of the Irgun Zvai Leumi to Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition and Sixth Prime Minister of Israel. He was also a Noble Peace Prize awardee.

As Prime Minister (1977-1983), Begin was engaged in Israel’s defense and security, as well as several other projects, including the settlement of the Land of Israel, the Soviet Jewry struggle, Ethiopian immigration, and achieving peace with Egypt, among other agenda items.

Menachem Begin Museum: Visitor Information

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center is open for groups and individuals through prior reservation:  

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 09.00 am – 4.30 pm

Tuesday: 09.00 am – 7.00 pm

Friday and Holiday Eve: 09.00 am – 12.00 pm

For further information: [email protected] or (972) (0)2 5652020


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