Things to Do in Eilat With Kids

Fun Attractions in Israel

What are the cool things to do In Eilat with kids? That’s a good question! So let’s start with one of my personal favorites and that’s a ride on a banana boat. This is always fun and of course, you can’t do it in the wintertime since the Red Sea is freezing at this time of the year. But if it happens to be that you are there in July – August well any water activity and especially a banana boat could be a great way to have some fun!

Things to Do in Eilat With Kids: Parasailing

Yet another great water activity is Parasailing! In fact, this way your kids can enjoy both worlds! Cool off from the summer heat in the chili water of the Red Sea and get some adrenalin by flying in the air for a bit. They would remember this for a long time I promise you. One company that offers these kinds of activities is Parasailing Red Sea. Among other things they offer also kayaking and water ski.

Coral World Eilat

Another great option if it’s getting too hot outside and you need something more indoors and relaxed for the kids, especially if they are little toddlers! I mean the Underwater Observatory Park in Eilat. There, you can go underwater see the authentic reef of Eilat without getting wet! Discover the wonders of marine life with experts that would guide you around. And go on the Coral 2000! which is a submersible boat with 48 incredible underwater windows! Now rather than looking down, the Coral 2000 gives you a panoramic view of the reef. So take this unique occasion to meet rare fish, coral colonies, and amazing sea creatures in their natural habitat! Here is a link to the Underwater Observatory Park website for your use.

Not so far from the Observatory park, there is Eilat’s Coral Beach Nature Reserve which is a nature reserve and national park in the Red Sea. In fact, it is the northernmost shallow-water coral reef in the world. It is popular for diving and research and was founded by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. It was listed as one of The New York Times Places to Go in 2019! Here is a link to Eilat’s Coral Beach Nature Reserve National Park Authority website. There you can reserve online your entry time slot, get updates and see the park’s opening hours.

Things to Do in Eilat With Kids: Let’s Go Snorkeling!

One way to get to see Eilat’s spectacular reef up close and personal is by Diving in Eilat or at the very least do some snorkeling! It’s simple you don’t need a course but a pair of fins and a snorkel. There are a couple of options for that and one of them is Dolphin Reef Beach. In addition, there is a floating pier, which allows people to get close to the dolphins without interfering with the band’s daily life. On the pier, during the day, the reef crew invites the dolphins to a face-to-face meeting. Each encounter with dolphins takes place with the free choice of the dolphins and without any kind of human interference, except for the enjoyment of the encounter itself. Also, staff members answer visitors’ questions and explain to them about the fascinating world of dolphins.

Things to Do in Eilat With Kids – The Red Canyon

Another item on my things to do in Eilat with kids is the Red Canyon! It is located about 20 kilometers north of Eilat, west of Road 12. The length of the canyon is about 200 meters and its depth is about 30 meters. It’s a super easy canyon to do but leaves a great impression on you.

The canyon is somewhat narrow and several meters wide. The upright walls are made of reddish Nubian sandstone. The color red comes from iron oxides. The descent to the canyon is with the help of a ladder. In ancient times, tigers were hunted at the site, which tempted them to enter the narrow canyon using a goat or lamb and the animal was blocked and captured with the help of a heavy stone taken from the area.

In the canyon and in the stream, there is sparse vegetation that includes the Retama raetam, the caper shrubs; Accacia of the Negev (Vachellia gerrardii), and Salt Cedar.


Hi! My name is Arik Haglili, an Israeli native who decided to dedicate his life to share my knowledge about the Holy Land to those that are interested to know more about this amazing piece of land. My career as a private tour guide started at the International School For the Studying of the Holocaust and the rest is history. 

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