Best National Parks in Israel

My Shortlist

As a private tour guide in Israel, I get this question a lot! “Arik, What are the best National Parks in Israel?” So here is a short list naming just a few of personal top-rated National Parks in Israel! 

Best National Parks in Israel: Masada National Park

No doubt about it! If you planning to tour the Dead Sea area, Masada National Park is a must-see site! With very good reason it is one of the best National Parks in Israel. In fact, it is the most visited park by non-Israelis and Israelis alike. People come to see the amazing winter palace Herod constructed here in the 1st century BCE. They’re fascinated hearing the horrifying story of the mass suicide committed by the Zealots during the Great Revolt. Today Masada National Park is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO mainly for the best-preserved siege system the Romans left behind. 

Caesarea National Park 

Another top-rated park in Israel is Caesarea National Park. Perched just next to the Med Sea; it offers amazing scenery and vistas next to tons of interesting archaeological finds. Herod built the city of Caesarea as a Roman Pagan city and placed there his summer palace. Next to Herod’s palace, there were all the facilities he needed to entertain the King of Judea. For example, a theatre; a circus Maximus; and much more! 

City of David National Park 

So of course I can’t skip Jerusalem, right? But the funny thing is about Jerusalem that most people that go to visit the Holy City; don’t realize the most ancient part of the city is not inside the city walls. In other words, I mean the City of David where it all began. There, you will see breathtaking archaeological finds; walk through ancient tunnels, and explore the city underground! A really cool experience for kids and adults alike.

Hermon Stream Nature Reserve 

If you headed to the Golan Heights you better stop at one of the Best National Parks in Israel. I refer of course to Hermon Stream Nature Reserve which has some of the best trails you can hike in Israel. Like the ‘hanging trail’ that leads you to an impressive waterfall and trails that would connect you with Caesarea Philippe.


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