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The Be’er Sheva Anzac Memorial Center is a tribute to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) soldiers who fought in the Battle of Be’er Sheva during World War I. This battle, fought on October 31, 1917, was a pivotal moment in the Middle Eastern Campaign and saw the ANZAC troops capture the town and its vital water wells from the Ottoman Empire.

ANZAC Memorial Center
In This Photo: The Entrance to the Anzac Memorial Center

Anzac Memorial Center was opened in 2017. The Be’er Sheva Anzac Memorial Centre is located near the battle site in the heart of Be’er Sheva. The center serves as a museum and cultural hub, offering visitors a chance to learn about the history of the battle and the ANZAC involvement in the Middle Eastern Campaign. The museum features interactive exhibits, artifacts, and audiovisual displays that provide a comprehensive overview of the battle and the ANZAC involvement in the Middle East.

ANZAC Memorial Center Zoom in

Visitors can explore the trenches, view original photographs and documents, and learn about the daily life of ANZAC soldiers during the campaign. In addition to the museum, the Be’er Sheva Anzac Memorial Centre also serves as a cultural hub, hosting events, lectures, and workshops on topics related to ANZAC history and the Middle Eastern Campaign. The center is also home to a research library and archives, which houses a collection of books, documents, and photographs related to ANZAC history.

ANZAC Memorial Center Display
In This Photo: Some of the Displays at the Anzac Memorial Center

ANZAC Memorial Center: The Outdoor Memorial

One of the most striking features of the Be’er Sheva Anzac Memorial Centre is the outdoor memorial, which features a sculpture of a horse and rider, a nod to the famous Light Horse Charge that helped secure the ANZAC victory at Be’er Sheva. The memorial also includes a commemorative wall with the names of all the ANZAC soldiers who fought in the Middle Eastern Campaign.

ANZAC Memorial Center Some of the Display
In This Photo: From the Display

So the Be’er Sheva ANZAC Memorial Center is a powerful tribute to the ANZAC soldiers who fought and died in the Middle Eastern Campaign. It offers visitors a chance to learn about a little-known chapter of World War I history and to reflect on the sacrifices made by ANZAC soldiers in service to their countries. Here is a link to their website! Adjacent is the cemetery where the fallen soldiers are buried.


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