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Gamla Nature Reserve

Golan Heights Top Attractions

Gamla Nature Reserve in days past was a Jewish city in the Golan Heights. Sadly it was destroyed by the Romans in the Great Revolt at the end of the Second Temple period.

More About The Reservation 

Furthermore, extensive excavations took place in Gamla from 1976 to 1991 under the direction of archaeologist Shmarya Guttman. So today, the excavation site of the city of Gamla is part of the Gamla Nature Reserve. In fact, it is considered an important tourist site. Moreover, the total built-up area of ​​the city was about 180 dunams; an area that is considered large in antiquity. By the way, the name of the city is derived from the name “camel” after the mountain like a camel hump on which it is located.

Lake Ram 
In This Photo: Lake Ram in the Golan With Mount Hermon in the Distance

So the nature reserve has two streams: Nahal Dalyot and Nahal (stream in Hebrew) Gamla; along which lies the highest waterfall in the Land of Israel, Gamla Waterfall (51 meters high). Also, there is a field of dolmens in the reserve; with about 700 dolmens; the largest nesting colony in Israel of Gyps (Old World vultures). In addition, there is a variety of animals such as deers, Nubian Ibex; Jackals, porcupines; foxes, wolves, caracals, and more. Other birds of prey nest there, including an Egyptian vulture; Circaetus (Snake Eagles); Long-legged Buzzard, and Bonelli’s Eagle. Also, the vegetation includes Tabor oak trees; Pistacia Atlantica; Christ’s Thorn jujube, and more! 

Gamla Nature Reserve: Opening Hours 

Reserve entrance closes one hour before cited closing time

Summer hours:

Sunday–Thursday and Saturday: 17:00 – 08:00 

Friday and holiday eves: 16:00 – 08:00

Winter hours:

Sunday–Thursday and Saturday: 16:00 – 08:00 

Friday and holiday eves: 15:00 – 08:00 

Holiday eves: 13:00 – 08:00 

Yom Kippur eve: 13:00 – 08:00


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