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Neve Tzedek

Exploring Israel

When visiting Tel Aviv, you must take the time to explore one of its oldest districts; Neve Tzedek. Neve Tzedek was actually established 20 years before Tel Aviv; in 1887. The neighborhood was built as a way out for the Jewish families who no longer wanted to live in the overcrowded Jaffa; making it the first Jewish neighborhood outside of the old port city.

In This Photo: A Mosaic Honoring the Founders of Neve Tzedek

In the early 1900s, Neve Tzedek became a haven for aspiring writers and artists such as Nobel prize laureate Shmuel Yosef Agnon and artist Nahum Gutman. Sadly, Neve Tzedek fell into disrepair over time as affluent families moved away; leaving Neve Tzedek as a slum. It almost came to the point where the whole neighborhood was going to be demolished. Luckily, the preservation of some of the old buildings kept that from happening, and a beautiful restoration began. Now, Neve Tzedek is back to its former glory and is a must-see stop while exploring Tel Aviv. 

Neve Tzedek Neighborhood: A Perfect Place to Spend A Couple of Hours 

Neve Tzedek is a picturesque neighborhood perfect for an afternoon stroll down Rokach Street, popping into cafes for a cup of tea, or hitting one of the locally run restaurants. The quirky architectural style and narrow streets make the ideal locale to take stunning photos.

In This Photo: A Typical Street in the Neighbourhood

You will find little art galleries, boutiques, wine bars, and cute cafes around every corner. Of course, while touring the neighborhood, you must visit the Nachum Gutman Museum of Art as well as try to see a show at the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theater. No matter where you wander through this neighborhood, you will fall in love with its artistic touch and its kind citizens. 

In This Photo: The Neighbourhood is Dotted with Little Coffee Shops Where You Can Sit and Relax

During my private tour of Neve Tzedek; you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most famous sites in the neighborhood. In addition, I will take you off the beaten path, where only the locals go. Moreover, I will take you to one of the fabulous restaurants; such as Dallal, Popina, and Meshek Barzilay. And, we will make sure to stop at the world-famous ice-cream boutique, Anita.

In fact, Anita serves handmade ice cream with natural ingredients. With over 150 flavors to choose from plus countless toppings; you will be in sugar heaven! Nearby Neve Tzedek is a plethora of other options to add to your itinerary; including the Carmel Market, the Nachalat Binyamin Market, and Rothschild Boulevard.


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