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Crocodile Farm Hamat Gader

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Hamat Gader is a popular tourist destination in the Golan Heights region of Israel. One of the unique attractions at Hamat Gader is the crocodile farm, which is a must-visit for animal lovers and adventure seekers alike. The crocodile farm at Hamat Gader is home to more than 200 crocodiles, which are native to the Nile River in Egypt.

So the farm has been breeding crocodiles for over 30 years and is one of the largest crocodile farms in the Middle East. Visitors to the crocodile farm can take a guided tour of the facility and learn about the different species of crocodiles, their habitat, and their behavior.


Furthermore, the tour includes visiting the breeding area, where visitors can see the baby crocodiles up close and even hold them. In addition to the guided tour, the crocodile farm also offers several other activities for visitors to enjoy. Visitors can watch the crocodiles being fed, which is an exciting experience as they leap out of the water to grab their food. There is also a show where the crocodiles perform tricks and demonstrate their strength. For those feeling brave, the crocodile farm offers a unique experience where visitors can enter the water with the crocodiles.

Crocodile Farm is A Very Thrilling Activity!

This activity is only for the bravest of souls, as it involves swimming in a pool with crocodiles separated by a clear plastic divider. Visitors can see the crocodiles up close and personal without risking their safety. The crocodile farm at Hamat Gader is not just a tourist attraction but also a conservation effort. The farm works to preserve the endangered species of crocodiles by breeding them in captivity and releasing them back into the wild. Visitors can learn about the farm’s conservation efforts and how they can help protect these fascinating animals.

In conclusion, the farm at Hamat Gader is a unique and exciting attraction that should not be missed. With guided tours, feeding shows, and even a chance to swim with the crocodiles, this fantastic facility has something for everyone. The farm’s efforts to preserve the crocodile species make it an essential destination for animal lovers and conservationists. Here is a link to their website!


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