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Five Most Beautiful Places in Israel

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Israel is an amazing piece of land! Now I get asked a lot what are in my opinion are the five most beautiful places in Israel? So here is my shortlist, some are known and places only locals go to, happy reading! So what makes Israel so beautiful? In one word? Its diversity! Allthgou Israel is a tiny piece of land it has different geographic and climatic regions. Climatically, Israel has three different regions: Mediterranean climate, Semi-arid climate, and desert climate.

The Land of Israel is a unique and diverse region; which was a landbridge and crossroads between kingdoms and empires. In fact the heart of the Middle East. In addition, it is located in the west of the area called the Fertile Crescent and in the south of the area called the Levant. Although the Land of Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world; it lies between diverse geological; physiological and climatic elements, and is a connecting point between the three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Five Most Beautiful Places in Israel – Sea of Galilee

Without a doubt, one of the regions you must visit is the Sea of Galilee. There are so many beautiful lakes all over the globe. But there is nothing such as the Sea of Galilee. Much of the ministry of Jesus occurs on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. In those days, there was a continuous ribbon development of settlements and villages around the lake and plenty of trade and ferrying by boat. I’ve compiled the Ultimate Sea of Galilee Guide that you can read and prepare for your trip to the Holy Land.

The Holy City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city that you can’t skip over. The view from Mount of Olives towards Old Town Jerusalem is for sure one of the Most Instagrammable Places in Jerusalem. What makes Jerusalem so appealing to me is its huge significance, the alleys are the same streets where Jesus walked. Each and every piece of stone has a special meaning to someone on the face of the planet. You can read more about Jerusalem in my Jerusalem Ultimate Guide.

Hermon Stream National Park

Banias is an ancient site that developed around a spring once associated with the Greek god Pan. It is located at the foot of Mount Hermon, north of the Golan Heights. The spring is the source of the Banias River, one of the main tributaries of the Jordan River. It’s known as the most beautiful hike in Israel. It’s not a very long trail and you can hike it for about an hour quite easily.

Five Most Beautiful Places in Israel – Dead Sea Area

Welcome to the lowest place on the planet! For sure this area is on the top of my list for the one the most beautiful places in Israel. I mean the setting of the Judaean Desert is amazing. Plus, there are so many things to see apart from the Dead Sea. Like Masada National Park and the Oasis of Ein Gedi which can turn this day unforgettable.

Ein Avdat National Park

Ein Avdat is an amazing canyon in the Negev Desert, south of Kibbutz Sde Boker. Archaeological evidence shows that Ein Avdat was inhabited by Nabateans and Catholic monks. Numerous springs at the southern opening of the canyon empty into deep pools in a series of waterfalls. Hiking in the canyon is majestic and keeps you astonished. Nearby they are interesting to visit. For example, Avdat National Park and Nana Winery.


Hi! My name is Arik, an Israeli native who dedicated his life to sharing my passion for the Holy Land with those interested in knowing more about this incredible piece of land. I’m the Chief Guide at ‘APT Private Tours in Israel’.

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Robinson’s Arch

Robinson's Arch, dated to the 2nd Temple Period, is a remarkable archaeological remnant! A testament to ancient engineering prowess

Alexander Nevsky Church

Alexander Nevsky Church is located in Old City Jerusalem, has interesting archaeology and art pieces! Worth a visit when touring Israel!

Achziv National Park

Achziv National Park is a popular attraction due to its stunning outdoor activities and amazing beaches. So join me and let's have fun!

Al-Khatuniyya Madrasa

The Al-Khatuniyya Madrasa is a historic religious and educational institution located in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City.

Gates of the Temple Mount

Gates of the Temple Mount are gates that serve as gateways to centuries of religious and cultural heritage. Let's Go Touring!

The Italian Hospital in Jerusalem

The Italian Hospital in Jerusalem is a monument to the return of the city from a marginal city to the center of international interest.

Ben-Gurion’s Tomb National Park

This post delves into the significance of Ben-Gurion's Tomb National Park and what makes it a destination for history and nature lovers.

Amud Cave

Amud Cave is a limestone cave located in the Galilee region. The cave is renowned for its archaeological significance and its rich history

Church of the Multiplication

The Church of the Loaves and Fish or in short the Church of the Multiplication is located in Ein Sheva (Tabgha), off the shores of ...

Saint Etienne Church

Saint Etienne Church is dedicated to Saint Stephen, a deacon and the Church's first martyr. It commemorates faith and sacrifice.

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