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Nana Winery

Wineries in the Negev

So Nana Winery is truly one of my favorite places to stop for some superb wine in the Negev Desert! Once you passed the entrance gate on which the words ‘Nana Estate Winey are engraved’ Don’t trouble yourself too much about making the effort to stop by Nana Winery because all your worries will be left at the gate!

Now on arrival, the dramatic spectacle of rows of vines; planted in perfect geometric harmony in the arid desert soil; manages to erase the desert harsh reality. Further down the path, where the vineyard comes to an end and almost merges with the Wadi where Tzin Stream winds between exposed sandy hills; stands a white canopy, which completes the tranquil atmosphere that hits you on arrival. Then, shaded by the sun that does not relent even at the beginning of winter, you are up to one of the most beautiful spectacles that Israeli agriculture has to offer.

More About Nana Winery

The desert canopy, located a minute’s walk from the graceful tasting room, is also the place where the winemaker Eran Raz chooses to open any visit to the Nana Estate Winery. Raz came to the world of wine from the agricultural side, and it is not for nothing that at this point he feels most comfortable telling the story of his life.

A path that led him down south, to a place where until a little over a decade ago not many were happy to grow vines; not to mention to produce wine from them. Today, with plots of vineyards planted over 80 dunams and expected to expand to 100, growing demand for southern grapes from leading wineries throughout Israel, and a plan to establish the first significant winery in Mitzpe Ramon, everything seems so natural. But the beginning, Raz testifies, was not easy. I guess for hearing the rest of the story of Nana Winery you’ll need to come down and visit Nana Winery and try their amazing wine.


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