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The Yaacov Agam Museum of Art, located in Rishon LeZion, is a stunning tribute to the life and work of one of Israel’s most celebrated artists. Opened in 2017, the museum is dedicated to the work of Yaacov Agam, an artist whose innovative style has earned him a reputation as a pioneer of kinetic and optical art.

The museum, which is housed in a former industrial building, was designed by architect David Reznik and features a stunning facade that reflects Agam’s artistic style. The museum’s interior is equally impressive, featuring a large central atrium as a gathering space and exhibition area. The space is flooded with natural light, creating a bright, airy atmosphere that complements Agam’s colorful and dynamic works.

The museum’s collection includes over 200 works by Agam, ranging from paintings and sculptures to immersive installations and interactive pieces. Visitors can explore Agam’s iconic “Agamographs,” which use layered images to create a sense of movement and change, and his signature “Fire and Water” series, which uses mirrors and light to create the illusion of flames and water droplets.

In addition to Agam’s work, the museum features rotating contemporary art exhibitions by Israeli and international artists. Visitors can also participate in workshops and educational programs to engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

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The Yaacov Agam Museum of Art is more than just a showcase for Agam’s work. It is a celebration of art, creativity, and innovation, and a testament to the power of art to inspire and transform. Whether you are an art lover, a student of design, or simply looking for a unique and inspiring experience, a visit to the Yaacov Agam Museum of Art is not to be missed. Here is a link to the museum’s website!

Yaacov Agam Museum of Art: Visitor’s Info

35 ₪ Adult

30 ₪ Adult resident of Rishon Lezion

25 ₪ Senior Citizen, Student, Has a disabled certificate

15 ₪ A child resident of Rishon LeZion

20 ₪ A child Free Free Soldiers, national service, children under the age of 5

Price of a children’s craft workshop: NIS 15

Private groups – in coordination with the ticket office 03-5555-900.

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