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One of the key attractions in Nazareth is Nazareth Village. This super cool attraction is for anyone who wants to try how Jews lived during the Second Temple period. In other words, it tries to reconstruct and reenact village life in Galilee in the time of Jesus. The village features homes, terraced fields, wine, and olive presses, all constructed to mirror the daily life of those that would have been in a Galilee village in the time of Jesus. Furthermore, Muslim and Christian living history enactors dress in period costumes and show visitors how Jews farmed, lived their domestic life, and how craftwork was made about two millenniums years ago.

Reconstruction of a Synagogue

More About Nazareth Village

You can find Nazareth Village right on the outskirts of old Nazareth! This super cool attraction looks like a biblical agricultural realm that possesses the area’s last remaining first-century wine press. Moreover, the original farm can revive ancient times quite persuasively.

Including its antique wine press, terraces, irrigation system and stone quarry, and exact replicas of first-century houses; a synagogue; a watchtower; Jewish ritual bath, and olive presses have been carefully assembled using the original building methods and materials. So together, these elements form the Nazareth Village, an authentic first-century farm and archaeologically accurate re-creation of the hometown of Jesus with real ties to the life and time of His friends, family, and fellow Nazarenes.

The Ultimate Guide to Nazareth

When my guests come to the Land of Israel, they typically can’t see how things were about two thousand years ago. Furthermore, while touring Israel, you’ll need an excellent tour guide to help you imagine things past, recount biblical narratives, and put them in the proper context. I mean, let’s face it, most of the time, pilgrims get to see lots of ruins.
But in my opinion, it’s crucial to see how things were if you wish to fathom the full meaning of how Jesus lived. And that is precisely how they do it in Nazareth Village.

In other words, professional actors take actual biblical scenes and give them life. It is all done by local people that know the customs. They are the ones that would farm and will wait for you in biblical-looking homes. This reenactment goes down to the finer details, including the same garments, clay tools, and methods that Mary and Jesus used. Furthermore, talented and super-smart guides will take you around via a living illustration of the parables of Jesus within their natural setting. If your heart desires, you could even end this incredible experience with an authentic biblical meal!

Nazareth Village is an open-air museum in Nazareth. Nazareth Village reconstructs and reenacts village life in Galilee in the time of Jesus.
Reconstruction of a Second Temple Tomb

Opening Hours:

Mon to Sat: 9:00 to 17:00
Closed on Sundays

Phone: +972-4-645-6042
Fax: +972-4-655-9295

Email: [email protected]


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