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Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Where to Eat in Israel

What are the Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv? Well, I went on a search and brought some updates about Tel Aviv’s food scene 2023. So my first recommendations are for a delicious breakfast. In Tel Aviv, there are two restaurants that I recommend for an epic breakfast. First, is Masyha which is located in Mendele Mocher Sforim St. The Restaurant is located at Mendele Street Hotel which is also a very good choice for accommodation.

The style at Mashiyah Restaurant combines the local cuisine and contemporary cooking techniques, fresh ingredients from the fishing docks and markets with the culinary expertise of Chef Yossi Sheetrit. Local spices, aromas, and interesting textures merge into the nuances of Tel Aviv’s Fine Dining.

The restaurant space is exquisite; warm, and inviting; the design is minimalist, which combines wood and vegetation in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The brunch in the Silk includes a main course of eggs to choose from, such as red/white shashlik, frittata, croissant Benedict, and the like, a buffet, and a hot and soft drink; the price ranges from NIS 88 to NIS 99.

The buffet has a selection of bread and pastries from the oven such as focaccia with olive oil and Bulgarian cheese, fresh and varied salads such as tzatziki, eggplant in tahini, burghul salad, and more, pickled fish, good cheeses, sweet pastries, yogurt with fruit, spreads, sauces and jams to make the perfect muesli.

Cafe Puaa in Jaffa

Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv: Carmel Food Market

The Carmel Food Market has some great options for delicious food. For example, M25 Restaurant has the best Arayes ever. Arayes or Arais is a fast food dish from the Middle East. It consists of pita bread stuffed with a spicy, usually raw, minced meat mixture and, after being oiled, cooked with grilling or frying. The minced meat mixture is made from, for example, chicken, lamb, or beef mixed with onions, fresh parsley, and/or coriander leaves and spices. The oil creates a crispy exterior that holds in the juiciness of the meat mixture.

Another option not so far from that area is Azura Restaurant, which offers local Middle Eastern food from the Turkish/Iranian Cuisine. And, of course, how can I not mention Santa Katarina, a beautiful place for dinner? It has a young vibe, and you don’t have to come all dressed up. Well, that’s true for all restaurants in Israel.

Abouelafia Bakery Jaffa

Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv: Restaurants in the Jaffa Area

Walking around Old Town Jaffa is a fun thing to do on its own, but if you fancy something to eat while you touring the area, here is some options. First, there is Onza, a true culinary delight—a Turkish food bar in the heart of the Flea Market in Jaffa. Chefs Arik Derhani and Molly Magrisso bring an up-to-date interpretation of Ottoman cuisine, accompanied by invested cocktails, happy music, and an informal atmosphere.

My last recommendation in the recently opened Jaffa area is another nice fine dining restaurant in Hotel Drisco. The place I am referring to is George & John restaurant. After more than a decade in the Israeli culinary scene, chef Tomer Tal is moving to the forefront of this stage after in recent years serving as the leading chef of Haim Cohen’s Jaffa Tel Aviv restaurant. The new restaurant is based on combining the casual culture with the subtleties of haute cuisine.

On the menu, you will find starters including a vegetable salad with lava balls, almonds, and raisins (NIS 50); beef tartare ribs – bone marrow, home-pickled pickles, egg yolk sauce, and parmesan (NIS 58). Dishes called “in-between” on the menu are Cuban dough pasta stuffed with khubiza (NIS 72) and hot foie gras (NIS 105). There is also a roast butcher’s portion – shiitake mushroom ragout, asparagus, dry red chili (NIS 135).


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Azura Restaurant Jerusalem


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