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Tishrin Restaurant

the Holy Land for Foodies

The Cuisine of Tishrin Restaurant is a fusion cuisine that combines traditional food with the latest dishes from the world’s leading cuisines. Tashrin offers its customers a rich and varied Mediterranean menu. Tashrin belongs to the new generation of Nazareth restaurants – Ahsan and Musa, two young guys, full of energy and hopes who have a basic desire to entertain and give guests a sense of home and an experience of flavors.

Quite a bit of this feeling is caused thanks to the professionals and chefs who have proven themselves in the culinary world and star in the restaurant. Tishrin Restaurant is located in the center of Nazareth, near the Church of the Annunciation and the Old City. The place was built in 1868 and served as a residence, which gives it a warm and homely atmosphere influenced by a unique design.

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So on my tours of Nazareth and I tend to eat at Tishrin Restaurant often. While touring Nazareth I think it’s a very good option in town. I really like the Hummos there. Nice and creamy and lots of olive oil. The Tabula salad is also one of my favorites and worth a try. Usually, there is no need to reserve and you can casually go in with no reservation.

But if you want to be sure you have a spot so just book a table over the phone. Or even better with a private tour guide like yours truly no need to worry. I am also willing to handle the booking for places like Tishrin Restaurant. And not just anything else you might need during the tour I will take care of it, gladly! So don’t think about too much and get in touch with me and let’s go touring! 

Opening Hours of Tishrin Restaurant:

Address: Mary’s Well‬, Al-Bishara St 56, Nazareth.

Hours Tues-Mon: 11 am-10 pm

Phone: (00)972-04-608-4666


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