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Top 10 Breweries in Israel

Exploring Israel

Which are the top 10 Breweries in Israel? Honestly, that is a really hard question! Since there are so many good beers today in the Holy Land. It’s not like it was when you had very few options. Today there are dozens, if not hundreds, of good local beers in Israel!

Top 10 Breweries in Israel
In This Photo: Beer Bazar in Tel Aviv – The Place to Try All the Local Beers in One Place!

Top 10 Breweries in Israel

Which are my Top 10 Breweries in Israel? So alongside the big industrial companies like Goldstar and Maccabee that have produced beer in Israel over the last couple of decades. Today you have many different and quality microbreweries that won international prized and are worth your attention!

Top 10 Breweries in Israel: Jem’s Beer

Jem’s Beer is a story about a long journey, old love, fulfillment of dreams, and modern pioneering. It all started when Jeremy (“Jem”) gave up a comfortable job at the White House in favor of brewing beer in the Land of Israel. And like anything else, Jeremy takes things seriously. So he planned it thoroughly, meticulously, and carefully.

After long wanderings, the group met an abandoned building in the heart of a gray and dusty industrial area in Petah Tikva. In the place where many others had miracles on their souls, the flame was ignited in their hearts, and a great light rose. The decision has been made, this is how James Brewery was born.

Alexander Beer

Alexander Brewery was established in 2008 near Alexander Stream with a clear goal! Creating an excellent Israeli beer! I mean fantastic – as in the best boutique breweries worldwide! Basing their knowledge and tradition of quality European breweries without pasteurization and filtering.

They use raw materials of the highest quality, malt, hops, yeast from Europe, and Israeli water that undergoes treatment for complete cleaning. So this process is longer than usual, and in the end, we bottle the beer without pasteurization and filtering.

Furthermore, their way of thinking is concentrated on creating a beer that is as tasty and enjoyable as possible. They make beer in small quantities, which produces high quality.

Top 10 Breweries in Israel: Malka Brewery

The story of Malka Brewery began in 2006. It was out of love for nature and a desire to promote beer culture in Israel. Asaf Lavi, the owner of two pubs in Tel Aviv, left the big city for the ecological settlement and started brewing beer in small quantities.

The first beers went through a series of tastings by culinary professionals. After the recipes were finalized, Asaf loaded some of his beer onto the van and went to Tel Aviv.

Then in 2008, the brewery was located at the foot of an ancient fortress in the Galilee landscape facing the Med Sea. There is also a visitors center you can come and checkout!

Dancing Camel

The Dancing Camel was established in 2005. And according to them was Israel’s first microbrewery. You can find them in a vintage converted grain storage facility in Tel Aviv. So officially, Dancing Camel is the only working brewery in Tel Aviv.

They use only local ingredients and create a unique flavor specific to Israel, encompassing the history and culture of the Jewish People. One of their beers is brewed with mint and a hint of rosemary. Another is called Gordon Blonde Ale, which is a beer that, upon the first sip, summons the feel of Tel Aviv’s famous beach.


The brewery was established in Beit Shemesh in 2011 by the brothers Itzik and Dani Shapira. The two, residents of Jerusalem, were involved in home beer production for several years, initially in an amateur way and later in a more professional way, especially after Itzik Shapira interned for several months at the Left-Hand Brewery in Colorado. The two were also joined by Yohai Kudler, who founded the Negev Brewery in Kiryat Gat. Here is a link to their website!

Initially, two types of beer were produced, pale ale and oat stout, and as of 2018, a third type, wheat beer, is also made. The fourth type of beer, Winter Ale, is produced as a seasonal product. The brewery’s products were initially marketed mainly in Jerusalem and a few places in Tel Aviv. The brewery brands itself as a “Jerusalem beer,” and its logo is even based on the symbol of the city of Jerusalem. In June 2021, Tempo Beverages purchased 50.1% of the brewery’s shares and thus became the controlling owners of the brewery.

The types of beers:
Pale Ale (the green) 5% alcohol.
Oatmeal Stout (the red) 5.2% alcohol.
Jack’s Winter Ale (the purple) 8.5% alcohol.
Wheat Beer (the yellow) 5.2% alcohol.
IPA 6.5% (blue) alcohol.
Lager 4.9% alcohol.

Top 10 Breweries in Israel: Negev Brewery

The brewery was officially established in 2008 under the name of the Negev Brewery. The brewery began its journey with three types of beers: Negev Amber Ale, Negev Passionflower, and Negev Porter Alon. Later, Shagiv Karlboim managed the brewery, and the main chef was Tomer Ronan. In 2013, the Negev Brewery was awarded the title of the best brewery in Israel on the Rate Beer website. After it was purchased by the Hakerem – spirits company, a brewery was established in the Tefen industrial area. Negev beer is produced at the brewery with Malka and Herzl beer.

Type of Beers

Oasis, Negev Amber Eyal and Negev Porter Alon
Amber Eyal – 4.9% Ale Beer.
Passion fruit – 4.9% Ale beer, plus passion fruit.
Porter Alon – 5% Ale beer, aged with oak shavings.
Oasis – 4.7% Ale Beer.
Bereshit – 4.7% Ale Beer.
Hariton – 8% Ale Beer.
Omer – 6.5% Lager Beer.
Blazer – 6.9% Ale Beer. Created in collaboration with Laser magazine.
IPA – 5.8% IPA.
Limited Edition Beers
Negev Pate Morgana – 4.9%.

Top 10 Breweries in Israel: Hertzel Beer

Herzel brewery started its way in 2013 in Jerusalem. According to them, they felt that “the Israeli beer market is a little sleepy, standard and a bit boring.” So they wanted to bring something different. So they opened a brewery that brews slightly different beers. Somewhat cheeky. Not flattering and not compromising. Yes, their beers have unique flavors and stunning designs.

Type of Beers:

Six Percent Kapara – Imperial Mandatory Mild, 6% alcohol.
IPA and this – IPA, 7% alcohol.
Dolce de Essel – Freestyle Honey Triple, 8% alcohol.
A Type of Wheat – Roggen Weizen, 5.6% alcohol.
Embargo – Cuban Tobacco Leaf Porter, 6% alcohol.
White Beer – Jerusalem Common Lager, 4.9% alcohol.
Limited Edition Beers
Mexican 70 – Mango + Chipotle Wheat 6% alcohol.
Karambo – Cocoa and Vanilla Cream Stout 7.7% alcohol.
Entity Committee – I.P.A – D.D.H, Dry Hope – Simcoe, Cascade, Citra. 6.5% alcohol.

Top 10 Breweries in Israel: Goldstar Beer

Goldstar is an Israeli lager in the style of a Munich Dunkel lager that contains 4.9% alcohol. It was launched for the first time in 1950. At the beginning of its journey, the beer aimed at a new audience: IDF soldiers and young people. Goldstar was sold at a discounted price in the IDFs canteens and was a great success! Goldstar was the first Israeli beer sold from the barrel. The first place in Israel that Goldstar offered for pouring was the “HaMozeg” pub at the central station in Tel Aviv. Goldstar is the leading beer in Israel, with a market share of 33%.

Israeli Whiskey

Type of Beers:

Goldstar: The beer is made according to a more than 60 years recipe, from a mixture of both light-roasted and dark-roasted malt, in a traditional process that gives it its deep flavor. 4.9% Alcohol

Goldstar Unfiltered: One change can lead to great things. The same well-known beer, made with Goldstar’s favorite, high-quality recipe, minus one step: the final filtration before bottling (hence, Unfiltered). This process creates a thicker, full-bodied beer with a bold taste and bright fruit notes—4.9% Alcohol.

Goldstar Slowbrew: It begins with large amounts of malt, brewed longer than usual to extract as many flavors, sugars, and aromas. The brewed malt then undergoes prolonged fermentation at a low, controlled temperature, creating a rich, crisp, lager taste. The Goldstar Slowbrew is characterized by a deep and balanced flavor, smooth texture, full body, and high alcohol content of 10%.

Top 10 Breweries in Israel: Beer Bazar

At the end of 2012, the unruly Birbazar was nothing more than a longed-for dream of some young and sturdy guys who wanted to participate in the explosion of Israeli craft beers. Lior Weiss cooked his first beers in the kitchen/bathroom of his hot bachelor apartment in Haifa.

Then four friends with a love for beer opened a kiosk in the Carmel Market in early 2013, with two taps of domestic beers and stacks of additional Israeli craft beers for sale. The idea was planted, and from here, they only grew.

In April 2016, they purchased a brewery in the Negev. They could finally start producing a more significant number of beers that could reach many more young taste buds, but not too much so they wouldn’t lose the quality. The excellent equipment in the brewery allows them to have more precise control over the taste, color, freshness, and texture, which is how they started to distribute more uniform quantities of beers.

Top 10 Breweries in Israel: Taybeh Beer

Taybeh beer is produced in a brewery in the Palestinian-Christian village of Taybeh, near Ramallah. The beer is marketed in the Palestinian Authority and Israel territories and is also an international success. In 2000, Taybeh launched the Taybeh Dark and the Taybeh Light, one-time brews for the new millennium.

Taybeh beer offers several labels:

Golden, pale Ale beer with 5% alcohol
Dark, dark Ale beer with 6% alcohol
Light, light beer 3.8% alcohol
Amber, beer with an amber hue, 5.5% alcohol
Halal beer without alcohol for the Muslim market

Best places to drink and buy beer in Israel

Well, I guess if you go to any fine restaurant today in Israel, they will serve at least one of these beers mentioned above. But Also BeerBazar has pubs all over the country. Including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv & Jaffa, they offer different types of beers apart from their own.


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