Café Puaa

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Café Puaa is one of my go-to restaurants in Jaffa. The vibe there is super chill and the location just next to the Flea Market makes the ideal spot for a rest while devouring their delicious red tahini dish with a fresh out-of-the-oven pita bread.

Café Puaa – My go-to restaurant in Jaffa

What makes Café Puaa great is its basic yet delicious menu. The place is not trying to impress but just offers different dishes, some are Middle Eastern like Mansaf. While some are European but were adopted by the Israelis a long time ago like the Schnitzel or the gnocchi with chestnuts. Another big plus for this little joint is a very tasty vegan dishes. All this with a personal service at very agreeable prices. The place is open from 9 am till 12 am and offers delicious Israeli breakfasts.

One thing worth stressing out about Café Puaa. It’s not fancy and it’s not pretending to be fancy. So if you expect that their dishes would blow your mind away, well, they won’t. It’s a cool and laid-back hip place and offers good value for your money.

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They offer good cocktails and great local beers but it’s not fancy. The interior has a modern bohemian twist and is quite eclectic. My personal favorites are the fried cauliflower and red tahini with tomatoes. The Tahini is coming from Nablus in Palestine and tastes super authentic.


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