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Yiftahel Winery was opened in 1999 as part of the farm owned by Hadas and Zvika Ofir’s in Alon HaGalil. Then in 2004, Winemaker Kobi Tuch went on board as an advisor. In fact, He’s is famous as the founder of Israel’s first boutique winery – Mount Meron Winery. Yiftah’el Winery is located west of Highway 77; on the northern slopes of a hill overlooking the Zippori River.

The grapevines of Yiftahel Winery are planted in Terra Rossa soil with hard limestone. Hadas and Zvika came to Alon HaGalil in 1984; the two grew up in Moshavim and wanted to continue their families’ farming traditions on a new; young Moshav. Their farm began as a small apiary which grew ever more until it became the farm’s main attraction.

“In 1986, they decided to plant a vineyard in order to deepen their roots in the lands of the Galilee”

So Zvika says: “For years we sold grapes to different wineries, and the wines that were made from them got many praises. In 1999, we decided to start Yiftahel Winery and make our own wine. Ever since we make sure our wine is produced solely from our vineyard’s grapes. Our wines are unique because they are each made of 100% one particular variety of grapes. The proximity to the winery and dedicated care of the vineyard, contribute to the production of high-quality wine, all thanks to the expertise of Winemaker Kobi Tuch”.

Yiftahel Winery Offers A Variety of Wines

The winery offers a variety of wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese, Shiraz, Marselan, and Petit Syrah – reds, and Roussanne – white. The winery makes around 5,000 bottles a year, each made using one specific grape variety.

Zvika and Hadas brought an American cabin to the farm. So when we will tour the Galilee region; we can check out their wine! Moreover, there are also nine types of honey produced on the farm!


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