Best Places To Stay In The Negev

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The Negev Desert offers lots of things to do! But what are the best places to stay In the Negev Desert? So there are some great options and this post is gonna offer you all the top hotels to stay meanwhile touring the Negev. One of the best places to stay in the Negev is Isrotel Kedma. This fabulous hotel, located in Sde Boker (walking distance from the Ben Gurion Hut).

So the first hotel is one of the best places to stay In The Negev! Isrotel Kedma is a charming and peaceful Nabataean khan, which allows travelers in the Negev to enjoy a unique hospitality experience inspired by the Negev Desert. Kedma Hotel is located on the historic Incense Route. This is an ideal location for excursions due to the rich history of the place, as well as a variety of hiking trails And desert attractions in the area: ATVs, Jeep tours, stargazing, camel riding, off-road bikes, and more.

Rosmarine Restaurant 
In This Photo: An Excellent Restaurant at Beresheet Hotel

The hotel’s 163 rooms and suites were built around a spacious courtyard open to the arid air. It has a pond, fruit trees, and lots of vegetation in the middle of the Negev desert. This building serves as ancient Kahn just like in old times, blends in with the desert landscape, And allows rest in quiet reclining corners and relaxation in an oasis full of water and shade.

The Best Places To Stay In The Negev: Beresheet Hotel

The combination of the vast desert landscape and the extraordinary architecture; make the prestigious Genesis (Beresheet) Hotel one of the most unique hotels in Israel. A vacation at the Bereisheet Hotel in Mitzpe Ramon guarantees an unforgettable hospitality experience. Furthermore, the service of the highest standards; gourmet restaurant; luxury spa, spacious rooms, A heated pool that has been named the ‘most beautiful pool in the world’, And as mentioned – a desert landscape that is second to none, seen from every corner.

Naot Farm

The Hotel, which covers about 50 dunams, is built of 111 guest villas scattered over the surface. The 39 ground-floor units have private pools – and the upper rooms have balconies overlooking the view. The unique location of the Hotel just on the very edge of Ramon Crater; combines meticulous luxury with breathtaking nature and ensures pleasant and comfortable weather all year round.


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Naot Farm

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