Naot Farm

Accommodations in the Negev

Naot Farm has a fascinating story to tell! An Israeli couple whose whole dream was to set up an isolated farm that would be a place to stay for those who are crazy about the desert, exactly like they are! That is why Leah and Gadi Nachimov decided to establish Naot Farm right on the edge of Road 40 on the way to Sde Boker. Then in a short time, they managed to establish a piece of paradise in the heart of an ancient desert where the children of Israel passed away thousands of years ago. So the cabins are located on the Negev Desert hills. A proper farm is lit up at night in a way that the sky can still be seen as our ancestors saw them thousands of years ago. Here’s another post of mine for the Best Luxury Hotels in Israel, if you’re interested.

Naot Farm isOne of my Favorite Places to Stay

Even though the farm is not super fancy compared to other types of accommodations you can find in the Negev, for example, Beresheet Luxury Hotel just next to Mitzpe Ramon, still if you’re looking for a rustic experience and don’t want to pay tons of money for it Naot Farm is a great option in my opinion. In addition, they have two options one is much more simple, and that’s sleeping in a concrete tube. While the other option is much secluded but with a nice view, and that’s choosing the cabins. Here is a nice post I wrote about the Best Places to Stay in the Negev for more types of accommodations.


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