When is the Best Time to Tour Israel?

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When is the best time to tour Israel?  My first tip is: you should avoid the Israeli scorching summers! If you can I mean. So I guess my first advice to anyone considering touring Israel is try not coming during summer if possible. Honestly, I won’t even recommend coming here in the summer for those that just want to sunbath on the shores of Tel-Aviv or Dead Sea. It’s just way too hot! So try to avoid the scorching Israeli sun and high humidity by not coming in July-August! And with all this global warming even September.

In those hot summer months, the temperature rises over 100f! So I’m not sure touring is ideal unless you’re an early bird, and starting early in the morning and ending the day earlier is not a problem for you. but still, that won’t promise you a day without sweating in your pants! If you are a family with young kids the heat is crucial.

How to Deal with the Israeli Hot Summer Months When Touring?

Another matter is avoiding the masses: the high season in Israel is during May-June and October-November. Also, late December around Christmas is another peak you should try to avoid if you can.

So if you ask me when is the best time to tour Israel come around late March – An Ideal Time to Tour Israel!

Firstly coming in March will ensure you more comfortable weather to tour without getting fatigued. You will actually enjoy listening to your private tour guide explaining all those interesting things you yet didn’t learn about.  Secondly, it’s not high season yet! that’s a great advantage. We can avoid the crowds, no need to wait in line and things simply run more smoothly without all those masses around you.

The last thing, Israel really has two seasons: a very short winter and a very long summer. In between these two seasons, from mid-March, there is a short spring that ends in a blink of an eye.

When is the Best Time to Tour Israel?Come in Spring Time!

The spring is for sure the best time to tour Israel here lasts a few weeks. In that time you can really appreciate the different climates the country is blessed with while enjoying the diverse flora and fauna each region has to offer.

You can tour the Golan Heights which in March will be in full bloom. Probably you will still see some snow left on top of Mt Hermon. The snow that already had melted fills the three rivers that form the Jordan down at the Hula valley. On your way, you’ll see cultivations such as apples, pears, cherries, grapes, and more!

If You’ll pass very early through the Hula valley catching birds migrating from Africa back to Europe like storks, cranes and many more is not a rare phenomenon. consider taking highway 90 all the way to Eilat you’ll see how the landscape and the flora changes so fast you’ll hardly have time to absorb everything.  The river Jordan will accompany you along your trip south all the way till you’ll reach the Dead Sea. realizing you’re in the heart of the Judaean desert. Ibexes will be jumping around, especially next to the Oasis of Ein Gedi.

When pondering on the best time to tour Israel don’t forget to take into consideration the Jewish/Christian holidays!

So when you’re thinking about when is the best time to tour Israel don’t forget the Jewish holidays like Passover in April or the Jewish New Year, which is around September. Christmas/Chanukah in December could also be quite busy here, bear that in mind when you consider coming.


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