Best Spot for a Photo on Top of a Camel

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So what are the best spots for a photo on top of a Camel? I’m sure you know the famous phrase “One thousand Words Are Equivalent to One Photo”. So when you travel it is especially true. I remember as a private tour guide in Israel I had a couple from the U.S. for a week. We toured the entire country but in the end, what they vividly remembered is that short camel ride with the amazing scenery in the background.

One location I would recommend is Mt. of Olives Viewpoint. There is probably the best location for an amazing photo. The staggering background of the Old City of Jerusalem is behind you while the local camel guy is dressing you up looking like a bedouin. The Ideal Christmas photo that’s for sure!

Best Spots for a Photo on Top of a Camel

Another spot that is a favorite of mine is on the way to the Dead Sea at Sea Level there is a driveway that goes off highway #1, exactly there you have ShuShu the richest camel in the Middle East waiting for you. If I have to choose between the two I guess the one on top of Mt. of Olives will be my first pick.

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Both rides are not expensive they ask for about 20 ILS per person. If you’ll be nice enough to the camel guy he’ll let you take a photo for free (expecting a tip of course). So trust me no need to go on a long ride for an entire day just to get a nice photo with a camel. It’s just enough to go to any one of these locations and you got the best ultimate photo with a camel! So if you have any more cool tips you might need for touring the Holy Land, please do get in touch! Click on the link or more about Camel Rides in Israel!


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